Pok mon Legends Arceus announces an anime special

Pokémon is at the top at this time thanks to its last launch of the game, and that hype is about to grow. If you did not know, The Pokémon Company will debut a new game at the beginning of next year that leads to its monsters to an open world. Pokemon Legends: Areas will start a new era for the franchise, and it turns out that the game is getting a matching anime bow.

The update was launched today by courtesy of vines Pokémon, the current season of the main anime. It was there that they told the fans an exclusive anime arch based on Pokemon legends: Areas will fall in Japan next month.

According to Japan’s reports, the Pokémon the arc will consist of two episodes, and history will be called God Areas in case. It will follow Ash, Go and Dawn while the couple meets to explore the HIS UI region. This means that the trio is likely to travel back in time for the bow, but when Areas is involved, anything can happen.

The only stipulation that slows this bow is its exclusive debut. Current reports suggest that this special arc will be launched on Amazon Prime instead of Netflix. The first episode will debut on January 21 before finishing the 28th. And to worsen things, only Japan will have access to these episodes.

There is always an opportunity Pokémon could bring this bow to the United States, but that is still to be seen. The only thing we know is that Pokemon legends: aqueous will debut in North America on January 28. So, if we’re lucky, this special could reach abroad yet!

What do you think about this first anime special? Are you excited to play? Pokémon new title? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @meganpeterscb.

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