Sony announces interchangeable covers

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Sony Is Releasing Official PlayStation 5 Console Covers in 2022 | PS5

In a few weeks you can optically pimp your PlayStation 5 with colored cover plates.

The design of the PlayStation 5 is still an eye-catcher even after more than a year. But many players have wondered if the console could not miss a slightly individual painting. This will soon be possible, because from January 2022 Sony will offer the first two cover designs so that you can shine your console in the colors Cosmic Red and Midnight Black.

In the course of the next year, the designs Starlight Blue, Nova Pink as well as Galactic Purple will be added. Whether you have a PS5 with Blu-ray drive or without possessing, does not matter. The cover plates are offered for both variants. In addition, from mid-January, there will be the danseuse controller in the color variants Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, Galactic Purple, Cosmic Red and Midnight Black.

The prices for the cover plates are not yet known that, on the other hand, for the new variants of the danseuse controller. With just under 75 euros, they will cost about five euros more than the standard variant.

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