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FFXIV Eureka Pagos King Arthro (Speed Belt) FATE **Solo** spawn and quick kill - Samurai POV
Many players used the speed belt in Eureka to accelerate the cooldown of skills. Now where the belts are gone, many players try to find out how they reach the flash ring. The blitzing is a replacement for the speed belt in the EUREKA content of Final Fantasy XIV. It offers many of the same advantages as the Speed ​​Belt. However, this item is not only magical in its inventory, as the belts were magically away. Since the ring works only in Eureka, you can not use it to level the new classes like sage. Let’s discuss how you get the ring.

So you get the flash ring

Before you get the flash ring, you must first recall your Speed ​​Belt. At end walkers, all belts from the inventory of the players were taken because their statistics were removed. To get back your belts, you must select with a salvage company and select retrieve outdated belt. This displays a menu with all belts that you had before the update in your inventory. Just click on a belt and click Rep lend to put it back in your regular inventory. The Speed ​​Belt should be on this list.

Once you have the Speed ​​Belt in your inventory, talk to the catastrophic helper again and select the option Speed ​​Belt Exchange this time. This should only be a simple exchange by giving your Speed ​​belt and returning the flash ring in return. You may be able to get the flash ring in the same way as you have received the speed belt from final sobers, but this is currently unknown. However, it’s nice to see the return of the ring for Final Fantasy XI and see that it works similarly. If you have further questions about end walkers and content changes, read our other guides to help, help.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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