No room both tours

Therefore, the Organizing Committees now take back tickets and reimburse the full purchase price, it says in a statement published on Monday of the tour organizers.


Unfortunately, the new Regulation of the Bavarian State Government leaves us a scope. That’s a pity, because we had developed an excellent protective concept, said Florian Star, Managing Director of the Ski club Oberstdorf Event GmbH. But clear: The jumping of the four-headed tour definite are definitely for the professional sport and these must take place now without viewers, said the responsible person for the opening emergence.

Fast response in loosening possible

Should the restrictions in Bavaria relax in the next three weeks, the organizers want to react quickly. We do not currently expect it. But of course we are very flexible and could start the ticket sales within a few hours, said Michael Mauser, Chairman of the Ski club Partenkirchen and OK boss of New Year’s jumping.

Whether the ski jumping fans must remain outside at the other jumping in Innsbruck (January 4) and Bischofshofen (January 6th) outside, depends on the government’s decision in Austria.

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