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The cold season begins, likes to spend in one the evenings at home in the warm living room with the family or good friends. Nintendo Switch, there are a lot of games, which thanks to its fun local multiplayer mode are perfect for those cozy bed-nights (although that can also play most online). Ten of them are presented to you in this article just before:

Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars delivers a kind of Best of the classic series by bringing 100 popular mini-games from the N64 and Game cube era at Nintendo Switch. In these we race for example in a Lore across chasms with tumultuous lava or form giant snow globes. We also get five game boards from the N64-time in a pleasant, modern version. Included is about the birthday cake from the very first Mario Party. The gameplay works as usual: We prefer our figure as in a board game on the playing field and have depending on where we end, overcome various challenges. This works both locally together on one console and in online multiplayer.

Mario Party superstars for €59,99 in the Nintendo shop

Overcooked! All You Can Eat

With Overcooked! All-You-Can-Eat gets her the whole package, so Overcooked! And Overcooked! 2 with all additional content, which makes for a huge range of over 200 levels. Also, you can the first part now not only in the local co, but also in online multiplayer games. In Part 2 that was really going from the start. In Overcooked! We perform as a team a restaurant and enjoy doing the hectic everyday kitchen. Only if we distribute all tasks from chopping vegetables over meat roasts wise up to the plate washing and work well, we have a chance to satisfy our impatient customers and beat the high score.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat for €39,99 in the Nintendo shop

Big Brain Academy: head to head

In the published only on December 3 puzzle game Big Brain Academy: head to head you compete against friends or the family, who has to find out about the sharpest minds. Here you can choose from 20 items, which are divided into five categories: Vision, Memorial, analysis, algebra and Picture. Your memory is so well put to the test as your computation skills or your spatial reasoning. Here, the difficulty level can be adjusted in five steps, from beginner to elite, so that children can have fun. If you want to convince you before buying itself, you will find a free demo with a small assortment of tasks in the Nintendo shop.

Big Brain Academy: head to head for €29.99 in the Nintendo shop

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Local Multiplayer Games - List and Overview + NINTENDO SWITCH GIVEAWAY!
Minecraft Dungeons

Although Minecraft Dungeons assumes the look of the original, has a playful but not a lot to do with it. About building and around the crafting is not the point, instead, is an action-packed hack-and-slash role-playing game in the style of Diablo. So we fight crowds of monsters and collect loot and better equipment. The latter we can improve enchantment points gradually using. Compared to the competition, Minecraft Dungeons primarily characterized by its varied levels ranging from dark mines on toxic swamps to temples in the desert. These areas we can either locally or online in Co in a group of study up to four players inside.

Minecraft Dungeons for €19.99 in the Nintendo shop

Mario kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart has long been considered the king of the kart racer, and it has not changed with the eighth part of the series. This was already on Wii U a hit, but even better in the deluxe version on Nintendo Switch. This is not only for technical improvements, but also the enormous scope: All 48 tracks and 37 drivers from the original and enhancements are included, in addition, there are five new drivers and new arenas for the popular battle mode. Otherwise, sets Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the proven concept: In colorful courses we deliver our exciting races that will be decided by skill and the judicious use of the items. We can online, but also do locally at a console in split-screen mode.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for €59,99 in the Nintendo shop

Tower Fall

Till fall is a party game in 2D retroOptics, in which up to four players in the local multiplayer shoot each other with arrow and bow. That sounds simple, but since only a few arrows are available, you should be well superior to every shot. In addition, you can fall into the backs in the back, because if the character leaves the screen on one side, it appears on the other again. Together with different power-ups and arrow types, the amazing tactical draft ensures. There is also a coop mode in which we put together monsterhords and bang harden. The switch version offers all content from Tower Case Ascension and the extension Dark World.

Tillage for €19.99 in the Nintendo shop

Hardware: Get It Together!

In Hardware: Get It Together! We must either prove ourselves alone or in pairs in the local co-op in more than 200 bizarre micro plays. These ranges from the expressions of a toothpaste tube via the assembly of robots to the axle hair removal. The story campaign revolves around Game Developer Mario, which was drawn together with his friends in his own video game and tried to escape from it. There are more than a dozen playable characters that have individual skills. Thus, about 5 volts can leave their own body and trigger violent explosions, while Mario itself has a rocket backpack. This allows completely different ways.

Hardware: Get It Together! For €49,99 in the Nintendo shop

Naval two

In the puzzle platformer Unravel Two, the cute woolen Ballmer Yarn hops again by pretty landscapes. This time it is not alone, but is accompanied by a second, as cute wool bulb figurine. This allows new gameplay mechanics. For example, a woolen ball can swing at the thread of the other about abysses. Unravel Two can also be played alone by changing between both figures back and forth. It’s more fun but of course, if you are concerned with the adventure for two in the local co-op, working well and together enjoy the beautiful backgrounds, the chic animations and the atmospheric music.

Unravel Two for €29,99 in the Nintendo shop

51 Worldwide Games

51 Worldwide Games is a collection of 51 board and board games, including, for example, classics such as Backgammon, Alma and of course chess, which mainly require heads. But also games like Darts, Bowling, Billiards or Air Hockey, where skill plays a big role are included, as well as small games for in between, for example, cheese boxes. You can either play locally or measure you in the online multiplayer with the rest of the world. If you want to try this before the purchase, you can get the free demo in the Nintendo shop the free demo with the Games Domino, Four Series, President and Car Railways.

51 Worldwide Games for €39,99 in the Nintendo shop

Just dance 2022

It was not until November with Just Dance 2022 the recent version of the popular dance game series appeared. There are 40 new tracks, including Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Ciara and Imagine Dragons. With the contained propionate at Just Dance Unlimited, you can access over 700 more songs. In the local co-op on a console you can measure your dance skills with those of your friends. Alternatively, you can dance online on the World Dance Floor together with the whole world or also start your own personal training program alone in Sweat mode and burn calories to keep you fit at home during the winter months.

Just Dance 2022 for €59,99 in the Nintendo Shop

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