Aftemath Is A New Survival Scary Video Game Pitting Players Versus An Unusual Intrusion

Designer One-O-One Gaming and also Meta Publishing have pulled the curtain back on After-effects, a brand-new survival horror game coming next year. Gamers manage an astronaut that goes back to Earth after an objective just to find the planet overthrown by an alien intrusion.

After a botched reentry to Planet, lead character Charlie Gray discovers herself alone, emotionally broken, yet driven by a single goal to locate her missing daughter. She’s up against a challenging extraterrestrial hazard, particularly an undetectable seeker tracking her every move. Charlie must outwit this adversary to endure while also facing even more in-your-face dangers such as shambling corpse-like animals in over-the-shoulder third-person combat. Charlie might not be a soldier, however she is a great designer, using those skills to create blueprints for devices by taking a look at daily objects. Consider her like a McGovern. As a survival game, managing Charlie’s nourishment, hydration, and psychological wellness are important.

Consequences’s foreboding presentation and also environment come thanks to artist Alessandro Bavaria, art developer for. The soundtrack flaunts original tracks from musicians such as Uncle, Planet Funk, as well as others.

Aftemath Is A New Survival Horror Game Pitting Players Against An Alien Invasion

If After-effects piques your rate of interest, watch out when it introduces in 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, as well as computer.

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