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Racer and Qualcomm have announced a new handheld for Gaming. What is this for a device and can or maybe compete with the Steam Deck of Valve?

With the Steam Deck, Valve had presented a handheld console that wants to make PC-Gaming more than ever before. This Valve was quite ambitious and many are now waiting for the release of the Steam Deck.

Now another manufacturer has introduced a mobile gaming device. Because Qualcomm has now explained on a press conference that not only wants to bring new processors to mobile computers and smartphones on the market, but also presented a gaming handheld.

This new mobile device is developed together with Racer, a company that many of you would probably associate with mice, keyboards and headsets.

A Gaming Handheld of Racer and Qualcomm

What is this for a device? On the pictures, the new gaming handheld remembers an Xbox controller with built-in display.

The device presented so far is a so-called Gaming Developer Kit. This is not a full-fledged console, but rather a demo device with which developers can try things or functions.

Here Qualcomm and Racer had already announced some details about the new device:

Display: 6.65-inch OLED display with Full HD + resolution and 10-bit HDR: The OLED display works up to 120 Hz.
Camera: A 5MP / 1080P60 webcam with two microphones with which players can record themselves and stream their games.
Connectivity: 5g mm wave and sub-6 and Wi-Fi 6e for low latency, fast up and downloads and a good connection.
The battery should offer a capacity of 6000mAh, and you can also connect many more devices thanks to USB-C port.

Qualcomm sees massive potential in the mobile gaming area

In another statement, Qualcomm explains in more detail that you see great potential in the gaming area (via Qualcomm.com).

About 2.5 billion people play daily on mobile devices
All gamers together generate $175 billion each year and that is well before the film industry (45 billion).

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The statement of Qualcomm is also clear, because with the new processor you want to keep the boundaries between the desktop, mobile and console further blur. According to Qualcomm, the new Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform is allowed to play on all devices on what you just feel like. The new processor should provide sufficient performance for it.

How successful could become such a device? So far, there is only one Developer kit from the new gaming handheld. In addition, there are neither benchmarks nor otherwise resilient material to Qualcomm’s new platform.

On the other hand, you should not forget that Qualcomm can rely on many years of experience in the mobile area, because in a number of smartphones a Qualcomm processor is installed. In addition, Qualcomm belongs to the five largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world and has appropriate resources.

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