Steam Deck Will there be exclusive games for the handheld

The Steam Deck is an approaching portable gaming computer created by Valve Corporation in participation with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), planned to permit customers to play their whole Steam video game library but can be customized by the customer to run other gaming stores or applications. The console is scheduled to begin delivering in February 2022.

Will there be exclusive games for the handheld Steam Deck? So games that appear exclusively on this platform while others stay outside. This question currently faces both developers and certainly some fans. Fortunately, there is a very clear answer.

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What does Valve say about Exclusive Play for Steam Deck?

The manufacturer is in a FAQ section, which is specifically designed for developer issues, comment on this topic. The corresponding entry should eliminate all ambiguities regarding the exclusive issue.

IST Valve interested in exclusive titles for the Steam Deck?
No. We do not see anything in it. It is a PC, and it should play games like a PC.

Accordingly, it is clear that Valve does not wipe a distinction of a classic PC and Steam Deck and treat them accordingly. Exclusive games are therefore not intended.

Will there be VR games for Steam Deck?

And also interesting point in the developer FAQ is the question of support for Virtual Reality Components. Also in this regard there is a clear statement.

Will the Steam Deck in the future support VR?
This is technically possible. Some users use VR on the Steam Deck, but it was not developed and optimized for VR.

Thus, it would probably be of technically no problem, to develop a VR game for Steam Deck or to publish. Due to the lack of optimization, however, the result is likely to look very satisfactory. Categorically excluded, however, it is not.

Source: FAQ for Steam Deck

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There will be no exclusive games for Steam Deck. (2) [Source: Valve]

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