Become the master chief with the new Halo application launched by Xbox and 343 Industries

Hallo Infinite is a few days away from arriving at our homes, and to celebrate the arrival of the new teacher’s new adventure, Xbox and the studio in charge of the game, 343 Industries, released an experience that will be inside the helmet From the hero of this saga. When you scan your face with your PC camera, now you will be the master chief.

Halo Infinite | Carry On

You can download the video and share it with your friends When you enter the official website that Xbox prepared, an application called ‘Become The Master Chief’ will begin. In it, you must enter an age range, still of allowing access to the camera of your PC. After this simple steps, you can download a personalized video where you will be inside the Helmet of the Master Chief.

If you liked the result, you can save the video to preserve it as a souvenir, or even share it on social networks. There is no mention how long the application will be available, but the December 8, official launch date of the title, it could be our best indicator, at the moment, as a limit day of this experience.

Speaking of the subject, the upcoming Halo Games do not plan to show the face of the Master Chief, as the creative director of the franchise, Joseph Staten, believes that the ‘Anonymous Hero’ is very important, and at least for the moment, the Mystery should be kept.

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