Xbox Series S Who wants to play football with cars

Xbox Series S - Simply Next Gen - Wanna Play Soccer with Cars?
Baby Lame is known for its viral videos on TikTok, in which he reacts to excessively complicated LIFE hacks and offers its own simple solutions for it. So what is better than playing football with real cars? Rocket League on the smallest Xbox of all time: the Xbox Series S! As a fully digital game console, the Xbox Series S offers a next generation games experience with up to 120 fps, dynamic graphic, lightning fast charging times, seamless changing, FPS boost and DirectX Ray Tracing. In addition, thousands of down-compatible games of the last four Xbox generations can be played or combined with the Xbox Game Pass, the EA Play Benefits and Day One-Blockbusters such as Fora Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite contains the best of your Xbox Series S get out.

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