Design boss leaves Battlefield 2042 shortly after bumpy release already planned longer

Nazi Mesmer, the design boss battlefield 2042, leaves DICE. This message is shortly after a turbulent release. Mango explains the backgrounds.

As NGC reports, this decision was communicated to the developer team of Battlefield 2042 by e-mail (via NGC). This step was planned for longer.

In the mail Nazi Mesmer writes: It was an absolute pleasure to work with the best design team of the galaxy. The incredible work you do here inspires me daily.

Why is the developer? Mesmer has adopted an offer from another company. He speaks of a decision planned before the launch of Battlefield 2042:

Another company has made me an offer, which I could not reject, and was so friendly to keep this job to be open to me until after the publication of [Battlefield 2042]. It was very important to me to be here with the team while we create this historic milestone.

Nazi Mesmer, still-design boss at DICE, in his farewell e-mail

Mesmer came in 2019 by King, the studio behind Candy Crush. He has since been the ‘Head of Design’ at DICE. Mesmer was the head of the design teams of Battlefield 2042, Star Wars Battlefront II and Battlefield V.

When is the developer? Mesmer will leave DICE on November 26th. From the e-mail from him, it is clear that his succession is already established and should be announced soon.

EA has confirmed the departure of Mesmer to NGC: Nazi Mesmer leaves DICE at the end of the week. We wish him the best for his future.

Player scoff about his career

On Reddit Spotters players about the career of Nazi Mesmer. In particular, his past as developers of Candy Crush ensures a lot of excitement:

The design head from the new Battlefield comes from the developer team of Candy Crush? No wonder the game was crap. (Aynyoonit on Reddit)
He was obviously unqualified for the job, and it’s no wonder we get garbage when Dice makes a developer of cell phone games to the design boss. (NO-WIN-2468 on Reddit)
New announcement comes soon, the guy who has set the type is fired. (Lincolns Revenge on Reddit)

Nazi Mesmer was already in the development of Star Wars Battlefront II and Battlefield V part of DICE. In his mail also shows that his departure it was clear from Battlefield 2042 before release. According to its own statement, Mesmer Dice therefore leaves the relation of the reactions around the release of the game.

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finish comes to turbulent times

The departure of Mesmer comes at a time of great turbulence for DICE: Battlefield 2042 was marbled reviews from critics and was torn on Steam of users. The developers were allegedly even death threats.

What does this mean for Battlefield 2042? personnel changes like this are not uncommon in the gaming industry. The departure of Mesmer seems clear for longer, as well as his successor. Therefore, it is not expected that these personnel changes will affect the long-term plans for Battlefield 2042 after the release.

EA incidentally also seems happy with the launch of Battlefield 2042 to be:

Release of Battlefield 2042 runs better than its predecessor, is to millions players

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