Today a new MMORPG appeared on Steam but is not for soft eggs

Immortal Online 2 today launched a new MMORPG in the Early Access on Steam. That says about himself that players are constantly in danger and can lose everything. Mango explain what exactly a game and who should watch it.

What is this a game? Mortal Online 2 is a sandbox MMORPG with a strong focus on PVP. You can go out and explore the world, build a house and even set up their own empire. But all this is not without its thereby shed blood. And that will be frequently sometimes your own, especially in the first hours of play.

No matter whether the Eve opponents or other players: it constantly runs the risk of dying. And with the death then the loss of the entire inventory goes along. This can be very frustrating for many MMORPG fans.

Mango editor Alexander Latch himself Mortal Online 2 tried during the beta and is died dozens of times:

What happens now? On 23 November Mortal Online started 2 in the Early Access (via Steam). Who wants to try the hard-hitting MMORPG that can do now.

However, the game Pay2Play so that the access 33.99 euros and also a subscription will cost.

In addition, the release date is now fixed. The MMORPG will be released officially on 25 January 2022nd

Mortal Online 2 relies on action fights and your creativity

What does Mortal Online 2? Mortal Online 2 is an action system in a first-person perspective. Here you have targeted with your weapon strike or block. The mouse movement decides whether the blow from above, below, comes right or left. This is important because the enemies have different weak points or so blocking can be undermined. This is not so easy, especially for beginners, however.

In the game there are melees and ranged combat and magic and even fights on horseback. However, Mortal Online waived two classes or levels. Instead, there are a number of skills that can be improved by the repeated use her.

In essence, the MMORPG is based on typical sandbox elements. So you can look forward to crafting, glad free trade between players and Housing. Really cool is the character editor that takes in your age affect your stats and different ancestors can be mixed together. Here alone one can ever hone the details.

The highlight — or absolute turn-off — is then the full loot PVP. Anyone who kills another player in the open world, can grab the entire inventory.

Oh, and there is no map. Not even a compass such as New World or ESO. Also, you have to like.

For whom is the game interesting? Mortal Online 2 aimed at players who would like to sandbox and PVP. Who gets involved in the game, can get involved in a guild and also has fun at Theory crafting, need to look at the PVP MMORPG quiet. Because it offers a good combat system, solid graphics and a number of mechanisms that go very deep.

However, the game is not for the fans of classic MMORPGs with a heroic story, linear quests and dungeons, because there is no in Mortal Online. 2

Also is difficult the payment system, which relies on a Buy2Play model including subscription. A major hurdle that few players will probably skip. But make up a close and strong community could make.

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