Destiny 2 puts all the decay times of the classes and more on the head

On December 7, 2021, Bungee’s people publish an update for Destiny 2 for the 30th birthday, which deserves the label of fat more than. With the latest balancing efforts nothing other than the cooldown of all skills is set upside down! O. O

And that has a simple reason: because all the skills of the guardians in Destiny 2 (now buy €14.99) always shared the same cooldown, they also had to be roughly strong in order to give anyone somehow immensely to invest. So that made sure that the Power Output always had to be the same, because about the grenades always cost the same time. This will radically change on 7.12.2021, in preparation for the Focus Se 3.0, which come into play with the witch king.

cooldowns turn wild

Game Designer Eric Smith explains this as follows: For the 30th birthday, we have made a change that enable us to set the cooldown of each ability individually. More specifically, we have created a new lever that we can use when we can use skills want to balance (if they are too strong or not strong enough). Then we have made a comprehensive tuning at the cooldown of all focus capabilities in the game and have matched the cooldown of each ability with their power output. We also have the power outputs The skills optimized and adjusted the decay times accordingly.

That sounds blatant and illustrates the example of fluorinates very special:

Basic cooldown of 82 sec. Increased to 182 seconds.
Explosion damage (when attached to enemies) increased from 150 to 250 (one-hit kill in the PVP).
Damage against EVE fighters increased by 15% (in addition to increasing the basic damage).
The projectile tracking has been removed.
The target aid was reinforced a bit.
The throw speed was increased by 117%.
Is now liable at all surfaces.

As you can see, the flux gradates has a very long cooldown, but she achieves a kill with a single hit in the PVP. In addition, it causes more damage even in the EVE. As a reminder: The flux gradates are currently available only for hunter Marcus acrobats. In a fire flash grenade, this is changing in the opposite: The cooldown is shortened, but the damage is reduced per flash — but Hey, the effect against EVE enemies is rising.

Super energy is less influenced by intellect

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The attributes in Destiny 2 are currently just influencing how quickly a guardian capability is available again. In particular, the passive influence of intellect in the PVP ensures that players are rather defensive on the road to wait for their supercharged. Because the developers of Bungee look as a little exciting, the effect of intellect on the super CD is reduced in the future.

Everything should feel like first in the EVE. But in the 6v6-PVP everyone should use at least one great (as long as one involved in regular struggle). In 3V3, however, it should happen less often that you can use great. For this, playing with primary weapons has a noticeable influence on the super regeneration rate. And to ensure a bit more pepper, Various supers go online in a particular match at different times and the super chosen should have an impact on how fast it regenerates. Through the previously always equal Abolition times for skills did not really exist.

Regeneration animal for supers

Taking into account the strength of a focus, Destiny 2 developers have all supersedes divided into regeneration stages:

Level 5 (the fastest regeneration)
Fountain of gloss
Level 4
Calm and storm
Level 3
Shadow shot
Brand hammer
Arius rod
Nova bomb
Thunder brakes
Level 2
Golden cannon
Chaos voltage
Storm trance
Sentinel sign
Level 1: (the slowest regeneration)
Spectral blades
Chaos fist
Hammer by Sol
Glacier quakes
Winter born

There is still many, really very much, very much balancing adjustments in Destiny 2 and in the update of 7.12.2021, which would blow up the frame — best read all the details to Warlock, Titan and Hunters in the Tab of 18.11. 2021 after.

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