Grand Theft Car The Trilogy The Definitive Edition An absolute impudence test update to the switch

Grand Theft Auto. If this name falls, gamers are literally out of the world. The Open World Gangster series of Rockstar Games is a absolute cult. The games have always convinced with great action, varied staged missions, bitterly social criticism, grandiose written figures and a belonging serving madness. Especially the series settlers GTA 3, GTA published between 2001 and 2004: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas are very popular with the fans of the series, so it is not surprised that the now published Remaster Collection Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition at the announcement more Hype generated as a real new part of other gaming hen.

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After all, Rockstar Games always rated and even numerous improvements were touted, which spoke that the definitive edition is not just a simple new edition. In addition to the graphic, the control should also be revised. Reason enough for some fans to go out of a complete gameplay revision that transports GTA 5 fame into the old games. Of course that was completely illusory. But the Remaster Trilogy not only fails in the coated expectations of some less. Rather, she is a quorum impudence that would have never been published in this state and probably came to the market, because in the house Rock star wanted to take some coal in the Christmas business. So you can also mess up the reputation developed over the years.

GTA: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition in the Test

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy--Definitive Edition Review

Cute nostalgia

The GTA Trilogy definitive edition is uncut. It is therefore about the then indexed or not published versions not published here. Source: PC Games, however, we first come to the positive aspects of the collection with the bulky title. All three games still spray the same charm as at that time and are still quite extensive. Of course, there can be no Gameplay nor Open World with modern genre representatives. The road traffic is not very dense, there are not many passers-by and, above all, the shootings are quite cute. Nevertheless, it is still fun over 20 years after release to cruise through the Liberty City of GTA 3.

Vice City and San Andreas are even more varied and better designed. If you have experienced the games at the time, you can not resist nostalgic feelings, if you roam the well-known neighborhoods and sucks all the larger and smaller Gags, Easter Eggs and craziness in the game world. It is really unbelievable as Rockstar Games then managed to create organically acting, atmospheric worlds. Just Vice City and San Andreas are still convincing in this regard. The 80s charm of a Vice City and the 90s ghetto gangster drama in San Andreas are equally handling and completely overpaid.

A balance that succeeds the games mainly by the well-written characters. The stories turn around betrayal, drug, murder and more sinister affairs. Nevertheless, the games shine with wonderful humor, which is worn by some figures. Be it now the accessory paranoid lawyer Ken Rosenberg in Vice City or Wannabe-Rapper OG LOC in San Andreas — so memorable birds of paradise you can see in other games rarely.

Individual scenes are often very well written very well and are greatly presented by the high-class speakers. Scenes like the burger order with Big Smoke or the coincidence with the corrupt crash cops are still absolutely great these days. The course of the stories and the embedding of the missions in it is already a bit bumpy. Straight GTA 3 stumbles a little forward rather. In Vice City, Storytelling succeeds in a good deal and San Andreas is in this regard, except for smaller exceptions, even perfect. One recognizes at the Trilogy very well how the series, but also Rockstar Games themselves developed.
The control in the firing changes is mostly pretty cute. Above all, the automatic targeting likes to zip around. Source: PC Games

Action of yesterday

As already mentioned, GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas can not compete with modern games. For that you do not have to settle the catalog grille. For then circumstances, many missions were really ingeniously staged, today some chases or explosions are more of a little awkward. They are just old games. A PS2 game remains a PS2 game, even if it is running on the PS5. That may now be disappointing for a few, as they accepted the gameplay is adapted to GTA 5, but that would not have been possible as Remaster. You have to have real remakes.

Above all, San Andreas offers incredibly a lot of variety. In general, the third part of the trilogy is best aged. Source: PC Games According to course, there is no coverage system, as it was introduced in the series in GTA 4. So you should stay in motion or run behind a wall again and again to end in a shooting change as a sieve. But that’s just pretty cute the control. PC players have the advantage of being able to run freely from a cover. The free goals on consoles is quite inaccurate, so you should put on the automatic targeting. Although Rockstar Games has revised a little, it is sometimes a spasm and often captures the wrong opponent or even no enemy.

In addition, it often takes a bit too long, so you first eat a few balls before you meet the opponent. This can be quite annoying because you can not put a lot of much a lot and partly not even realizes because of the very weak hit feedback, how close one is on the exit, if you do not pay attention to the life indicator. Of course, that the hit feedback could not be adapted visually is understandable in a Remaster. However, the Rumble effects with each controller are pretty weak and disappointing. Especially with the dual sense of the PlayStation 5 would have been more in it.

At least the weapons selection has adjusted Rock star. In the past you clicked by the shoulder button gradually by the weapons in the arsenal. Quick to find the desired ratchet was so hardly possible. Now there is the weapon wheel from GTA 5. If you keep the left shoulder button pressed, the wheel opens, the game slides slows down, and you can select directly with the analog stick the favorite shooting iron. Also, the movements of the game figure and the control of the numerous vehicles are now a bit more accurate and at all the vehicle control was slightly modernized at the buttons’ layout.

Generally, you realize the playing your age, but you manage better than then and can be played reasonably. Only the shootings are really, really old bakes and therefore in some places in work. Here then it is quite good that almost all cheats from then also work in the new editions. But be warned: Who Cheated, of course, no more trophies get.

The important figures are mostly okay, but character models unimportant NPCs hunt again and again showers over their backs. Source: PC Games



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