NBA Bleeding opponent LeBron triggers tumult

NBA Superstar LeBron James flown from the square against the Detroit Pistons in the victory of Los Angeles Lakers and has triggered a huge tumult with his action.

LeBron Gets Ejected!???? Crazy Events Lead To A Bloody Mess! 2nd Ejection Of His Career!
The fist of the 36-year-old met his opponent Isaiah Stewart in the scramble for a free throw on the face — Stewart bled and was always angry in the seconds.

He had to be held back several times by many caregivers, the situation was very heated. Also, Stewart flew from the field. According to US media, it was only the second location for James in his career.

Everyone in the league knows that he is not a dirty player, said Lakers-Topscorer Anthony Davis (30 points) about James. Similarly, pistons head coach Diane Casey also expressed itself.

The Lakers finally won the match on Sunday evening (local time) 121: 116 and thus at least again with a balanced balance of nine wins and nine defeats. After a quarter of the season, the record champion lags his own claims but further afterwards and is currently not on a place with direct qualification for the playoffs.

At the top of the Western Conference continue the Golden State Warriors, who won their home game against the Toronto Raptors 119: 104. With the twelfth victory in series, the Phoenix Suns are the sharpest pursuer — the previous years finalist around the championship won against the Denver Nuggets 126: 97. In the Eastern Conference, the Chicago Bulls come after the 109: 103 against the New York Knicks now like the Brooklyn Nets on twelve victories and five defeats

Mavericks lose at glue return

Meanwhile, Dallas Mavericks have lost the return of basketball international maxi glue. For the La Clippers, the Mass, which continue without their superstar Luka Ionic, were subject to 91:97. For Dallas, it was already the third defeat in a row.

Glue came at his comeback in almost 20 minutes of playing time on five points and four rebounds. The 29-year-old had been missing a back injury since the beginning of November. With the clippers, Isiah Hammerstein posted two points and two rebounds.

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