Eve Metabus and Blocks

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jing Along Along Along) Serviced Platform Play Adam (Representative Brian Super) This Eve has signed a business agreement for Eve Justice (each representative, Kim Joe Han), and a work agreement for promotion of joint business,

Both companies will continue to develop a variety of collaborations on the development of content using the Message, Digital Human and the game in the game.

Eve is a special company specializing in developing digital human, metabus related technologies and solutions. Digital Human, XR Content, Metabus, and AAA games are developing business.

EVE UNION   G BLOCK   BODeluxe 1080p H 264 AAC
The play advertisement is a NFT marketplace that allows you to launch a Play Advisor (P2E) game that leverages NFT technology, a blockchain, and a NFT marketplace that can trade NFT between Global users.

The play adapters are a policy to expand the expansion of the business area between the digital human, the virtual city production technology and the Mt averse content business and the game service blockchain, which combine the NFT.

The general circle play adaption business is glad to be able to develop a new business that fused the blockchain and meta bus with Eve, which holds a unique technology in the field of digital human and virtual city production technology.

Bagful Chub Eve Alston Strategic Planning Director is a partnership with a play line leading to the NFT Service Platform Market, a blockchain, in the promotion of Eve Alsuuuuuui Meta bus platform business, building a new business model in addition to traditional business models. We will have a meaningful business performance in each field, including Digital Human, Meta Bus Platform Business, and AAA Games, said, We will ask for a meaningful business.

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