TuS Koblenz Many trouble after the Waldalgesheim

The Koblenz engine, he ran on higher speeds this season. On Wednesday, the leap into the rise round seats should succeed against Alemannic Waldalgesheim, but the 1: 2 meant that from the past four games only a win out. Instead of the possible jump in fourth place, the former second division ranks on the seventh rank, which would be the current state of descent.

Pressekonferenz | TuS Koblenz - SV Alemannia Waldalgesheim 1:2 | 15. Spieltag | Oberliga RP/S 21/22

The Tu s came into play and did not defend consistently enough in the 23rd minute. A wide Waldalgesheim free-kick edge has been extended to the penalty area by head in the run of Graph and that sat down robust against several blenders and took the leadership.

With progressive playing time, more and more referees still moved into focus. After in the 39th minute the Koblenz a clear corner of the Koblenz, Richter and Trainers received Dhaka, who was very excited about the outside line, both of them complain of both the yellow card. At the latest now many actions lived an emotional note. Four minutes later, the card color became darker: a Waldalgesheim player stayed after a duel on the sideline, but Koblenz continued his attack until Alemannic s pilot came to the ball, she demonstratively hardly hit it from the hook, and Century met. For this there was yellow-red, as well as for judges, who was a bit too aggressive in the subsequent packing according to the arbitrator. TV images show a sub of more harmless nature.

First foot, then horrify

A footballer highlight offered the 57th minute: The US sat down in the opposing half, Waldalgesheim managed. After faster ball chat, foot pulled into the penalty area and met with the short top of the short corner to compensation. The scene, which led to the away win, heated in the 87th minute again the minds: first tear man went after a dribbling in the Koblenz penalty area to the ground, the whistle of the referee remained silent, but in the forge scene fell victorious, here was the impartial one Foul and gave to horror the Koblenz pen alters. If, then, if necessary, there was a slight contact, from the camp of the TU s, the reproach Schalke seemed. The freshly substituted Toronto rather focused on the execution and turned the penalty safely to the 2: 1 final score, the Waldalgesheim in second place.

For the households, however, it was an avoidable defeat, which had much more game shares, especially in the second section, but the ball was simply not behind the line except for foot. So also in the replay time when an Alemannic defender could clarify the ball for the already beaten goalkeeper Atria on the line.

Koblenz coach Dhaka criticized the referee afterwards: It is disappointing that one breaks with the two red cards so a game, but also admitted that his team had a little naive at the decisive penalty.

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