Hellblade Senua s Sacrifice improves its graphic quality on PC to celebrate the 4th anniversary

Hell blade: Senna s Sacrifice was one of the most acclaimed works of 2017, both for its gameplay and an argument in which an adventurous tormented with mental disorders was presented. The work was played by 6.3 million players on all platforms, according to the figures provided last summer, but Ninja Theory intends to continue improving this adventure with the best graphics for the PC environment.

The update adds accessibility features such as subtitle customization This is explained from the Xbox website, where they take advantage the fourth anniversary delivery to even update its graphic quality. In this sense, Hell blade: Senna s Sacrifice will contain reflections and shadows with Ray Tracing, something that is added to a higher level of detail in the object and materials of the game. In addition, Ninja Theory does not forget the performance of the systems, as the game will also support NVIDIA DSS and AMD FSR.

On the other hand, developers want the game to reach the largest number of players as possible, so this update incorporates new functionalities related to accessibility, such as the possibility of mapping all the command, customization of the Subtitles, configuration for Dalton es and more. These additives will also be seen in the versions of Hell blade: SEN UUA SACRIFICE for Xbox One and Xbox Series, which will even open the doors for the entry of new players.

Therefore, and after carrying out similar improvements in the field of Xbox Series, Hell blade: Senna s Sacrifice gives us more reasons to be among the 10 games with the most impressive graphics of PS4 and Xbox One generation. However, the adventure does not stand out only by its visual section, since its approach to mental disorders managed to save a player who intended to commit suicide.

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This delivery was a leap of faith for Ninja Theory, and the result could not be more satisfactory: A unique experience that shines in all its aspects, something we tell you in our hell blade analysis: SENNA S SACRIFICE.

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