Guarder in Destiny 2 has its great over 2 hours makes nearly 16 000 kills without cheat or exploit

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In Destiny 2, players often try crazy things. This category also includes the action of Rockmasterj. He set the latest player record when he made with his super, over 2 hours, almost 16,000 kills made. Without cheats or exploits.

Is that possibly the longest super in the story of Destiny 2? The player Rockmasterj wanted to know how long he can actually maintain his super. He put an amazing, at least personal record with his test this week (via Exactly 15,843 kills were necessary to have 2 hours and 23 minutes on super energy.

Rockmasterj Use the following setup for his attempt:

A blank titanium as a class (Sentinel)
As a subclass the lower empty tree Code of the attacker with the Sentinel sign
The exotic tank gloves impregnant-shoulder plate

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He needed this item: So that the attempt succeeds was essentially the exotic impregter-shoulder plate. It causes empty-melee-kills to generate super energy. While the super Sentinel sign is active, invite melee-kills towered, which extends great with hits. There are no cheats or exploits.

How did he do that? It is therefore imperative that enough opponents are available for a successful record. In a normal activity one does not succeed. However, there are a few places in Destiny 2, where it is different. One of these locations is the serf stairs in the dungeon The Broken Throne. The players often use this body to farm catalysts or EP. On this staircase, the possessed serfs simply add up infinitely long and only need to be refreshed.

What exactly is a great in Destiny 2?
The super is in Destiny 2 the ability that allows a player to unleash the powerful offensive, defensive or tactical forces when activating. Normally, the super keeps just a short period of time and then needs to be recharged. However, there are a few classes and exotics that can extend this period as long as you have enough opponents.

In the video to the record you can see how Rockmasterj uses tirelessly his towered to send the serfs to the virtual beyond. With every kill, his super energy grabs a bit up again and thus extends the duration. Basically, he could do that infinitely.

Fun FACT: In addition, he obviously got all the PowerMunition of Destiny 2 at the record action, which never wanted to drop him in other activities.

The community honors this endurance performance

On Reddit and YouTube, the community is positive about the endurance of the experiment. Although they are also a bit jealous of the Titans, that he probably officially has the longest great in the game.

Player Gamingfrou writes on Reddit:

You have seen the [Bungee] slogan Become a legend and did it ten times. That s great!

Creed Design Co. jokes: Bro, how many crayons did you eat before? What Rockmasterj answers: At least more than a handful.

And what the other classes say? The hunter fraction is obviously a little crunched. Jon Small (Jäger-Main) writes under the video: Yes, hunters will never get such [a great] that can do that.

By the way, ES gives even more players in Destiny 2, the amazing things try. For example, in 6000h a rare 4-way 100 build for your character to meet:

I can do that longer! Rockmasterj sees even more record potential in this personal success and is quite ready to top his own record. Unless any other guardian prevents him. Basically, everyone can imitate, because the super in combination with the exotic is a very legal method that is available to each player.

Whether this really is the longest great in all of Destiny 2, we can not say. But at least it is certainly one of the longest, which has been shared in the community without the use of cheats or exploits.

What do you say about the record action? Is that really the longest great in Destiny 2 or have you ever managed to maintain these?

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