FIFA 22 New SBCS guarantee values above 82 but worth it

In FIFA 22 There are three new SBS (Squad Building Challenges), which promise cards with values ​​over 82. We tell you if that s a good investment and which SBC offers the potentially best cards.

What are that for SBS? In the course of the new Numbers-up event, EA has published three new Squad Building Challenges on November 15th, which guarantee the cards with certain values ​​over 82. There is:

An SBC with an 82 + tempo player pack for about 4,000 coins
An SBC with an 82 + fit player pack for about 8,000 coins
An SBC with an 82+Dribbling player pack for approx. 3,300 coins

The SBC scan be completed as often as desired, but the rewards are unchangeable and can not be offered on the transfer market.

But is it worthwhile to invest your card lining and valuable coins in these SBS? We look at the chances of good cards a little more closely.

Read the new 82+ SBS?

The bad news anticipated, in the new 82+ SBS can not hide fut-heroes or icons. You should only count on gold cards, current inform cards or special cards of the current promo. But even without icons and heroes there is a whole series of strong cards.

Finally, Ronaldo, Messi and Mbappé fit into the category Dribbling 82+. The problem: In addition to Messi, Ronaldo and Mbappé, there are still 174 rarer gold cards that can have a dribbling value of 82 or higher. The chances of pulling these cards seem to be low.

So many rare gold cards are available in the different SBS:

There are a total of 224 rare gold cards with 82+ Tempo (via Fut bin)
There are a total of 177 rare gold cards with 82+ dribbling (via Fut bin)
There are a total of 67 rare gold cards with 82+ fit (via Fut bin)

If you look at the number of gold players, then the 82 + fit pack should offer the best chances of strong players. Finally, there are only 67 cards, which are the best five Messi (93), Neymar (91), de Bruce (91), Ronaldo (91) and Kane (90).

The YouTuber Zweckackhd opened 70 from the 82+ packs and pulled the very best cards with the fit SBC. For him, there were even Toni Kroos (88), Bruno Fernandes (88) and two Number sup Hummel s (88).

His complete yield can you look at here:

When the SBS are available? Do you want to complete the Squad Building Challenges, you should hurry, because the SBS are only available until Friday, November 19th, in Fut 22.

If you invest in the SBS? How the video shows is the fit SBC, which with the probably best results. However, you should not expect a guaranteed blast. However, if you have some maps around you who do not need you, then you can use the 82 + fit SBC and try his luck. And you do not pull a top card, then you have some SBC feed for upcoming tasks.

However, one should not put its complete assets the SBS and expect to draw guaranteed top card. There is simply too many mediocre or bad cards with 82+ values.

What do you say about the new SBS? Have you already tried your luck? We like to betray us in the comments!

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