Sense Shield 2nd Anniversary Mahoip Kyo Dimax is completely reproduced with cake Bless the birthday of Pokemon Sword Shield

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From the Pokémon Information Bureau (spoke times), a cake that reproduces the cream Pokémon Mao -IP (Kyo-Dimax s Starting) was released.

This is published to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the release of Pokémon Sword Shield today in November 15th. KO WIMAX Mahout s Wedding Cake is completely reproduced with a real cake, including decoration of each layer.

It is a sadness that is likely to eat, and to the volume that is too kicked, Very cute! And Can I eat it all right! And if it can be a Calgon, etc. Reaction was received.

Also, in commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of the release, the whole story summary of the animation work thin wing will be released from 21:00 November 15th. Episode 1-Episode 7, and Expansion-Star Festival ~ with a version connected to one. Pokémon Official You will be released on the YouTube channel.

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