Call of Duty Vanguard Type 100 Best Accessories Loadout and Build

Game 2 is a German program generated given that 2016 on video and computer system games in behalf of radio. It is considered the follower task by Video game One, which was terminated in December 2014. Considering that September 2, 2021, the shipment will certainly additionally be relayed on Done starting with episode 216.

If you want to carton with the type 100 on Call of Duty Vanguard, here is our Loadout and Build of the best accessories. The goal being here to present our best Loadout and explain our choices. Thus, not only will you have an immediate solution to test, but in addition you can adapt it according to your desires, your needs and your style of play.

Note that these Loadouts are designed by Vanguard players, taking into account pro players, streamers as well as data available on Reddit. However, each player is different and that s why we recommend paying attention to the remarks in this guide.

We will update this build and add content if the game is changing depending on the patches.

The best build for type 100

Type 100 is a high-performance machine gun on Call of Duty Vanguard. Indeed, we consider it as one of the best weapons of the game currently on Vanguard. The build is clearly op even bug, with a TT below the 100 ms, an ultra-fast timing via a Two Shoot thanks to the combo munition / expertise. Note that the idea here is to offer a pretty versatile build that will use the Type 100 forces dominating on code cards.

Bezel: slate deflector (according to the map and preference)
Mouth: mercury silencer
Canon: Karachi 134 mm fast
Canon accessory: Mark VI skeletal
Charger: Chargers of 30 Cartridges of 0.30 Russian Small Caliber
Type of ammunition: a hollow tip
Rear handle: pine pitch handle
Lacrosse: Skirmish Lester
Expertise: Vital

Kit: loaded to block

Weapon level for equipment

Our build requires some high levels, but the weapon is very nice to use at the beginning without level. However, the main highlight of the weapon currently and the combo between ammunition and expertise, which makes the weapon absolutely incredible to use thanks to an extremely fast TT.

Under what circumstances use this build?

Nature, type 100 is a weapon to use on the majority of game cards. Indeed, this weapon is efficient in most situations, but especially short and medium distance. Thus, our build promotes a fairly aggressive gameplay, Push and Rush, favorable to the Maps a little smaller.

What changes are possible?

IMPORTANT: As long as the weapon is not patched, do not touch the expertise and ammunition since all this Loadout is based on this duo. For the rest, several modifications can be made according to your desires and your style of play.

As for the telescope, we consider that type 100 is a weapon to play aggressively, in rush. From then on, you can play with the slate baffle or without a viewfinder, to maintain a quick fix.

At the level of the kit everything is possible. Charged to block is interesting, but you will not need a lot of bullets to kill an enemy, so it is possible to use something else, as fast.

So much for our guide to the best accessories, build and loadout for type 100 on Call of Vanguard. You can find all our guides as well as all the news, Leaks and Patches for Cod on our Call of Duty portal.

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