DFB team Hermann Gerland holds plea We need dribbler

Bayern Munich II (Bayern Munich Amateur up until 2005) are the get team of German organization football club Bayern Munich, they presently play in the Regionally Bayern. In 2010– 11 they played in the 3. Lisa, having actually gotten its inaugural period in 2008, and have actually constantly dipped into the 3rd level of German football (the greatest allowable degree for reserve groups)– they played in the Regionally SUD from its formation in 1994 to 2008, when it was usurped by the 3. Lisa. They have actually normally accomplished at least mid-table surfaces at this level, and won the Regionally SUD title in 2004. In 2010– 11 Bavaria II finished last in the 3. Lisa as well as was therefore relegated to the Regionally. They later on restored promotion by winning the 2018– 19 Regionally and also won the 3. Lisa in 2019– 20. The complying with season, they were relegated from the 3. Lisa after an 18th-place surface.

Coach guru Hermann Garland has called for increased training of Dribbler the young German. We have several screws rotate, the assistant manager said the German Under-21 footballers on Saturday: We need to teach players to dribble If I always say. Pass, Pass, Pass, then I can not develop dribbler.

It used to have also given in defense many players where everyone goes one-on-one was the 67-year-old, who has been part of September for the team of U21 coach Antonio Di Salvo said, Today is mostly only trying to solve everything in the network.

In education, the focus on must therefore early -Duel be placed one-one-against, also tackles, and the ball will be placed in the foreground, according to Garland. We must also Striker train again, said Garland. Here, more dribbler could help on the wings, the one-on-one situations to solve.

Garland was long-time junior and assistant coach at Bayern Munich and is considered one of the biggest conveyor and discoverer of stars like Philipp AHM and Thomas Müller. Further discussions of the Tigers We have compiled below for you:

Hermann Garland about…

… training methods: When I see how much we were earlier in the defense, since each one against one was able to play today, we are always working in conjunction Nevertheless, it is much better if one has a solution… to win a one on one -… to dribble both offensively, and defensively we have to teach the players, We used excellent dribbler But if I always say pass, pass, pass and every game with two contacts do, I can not develop a dribbler.

… about training: What we had for center forward earlier in Germany ?! They were sensational We also need to educate Striker again this we also need on the wing dribbler solve the one-on-one situations.. Can and I do not get when I always say in the youth field pass and play ab I have to say when they are in the attacking half. Dribbling, dribbling, dribbling and if you lose the ball, dribbling at next time. At some point the players 18, 19, and then they can be dribbled. But if 17 years have just passed, then can not dribble with 19. Then we can not do it anymore.

… Scouting. On the blackboard are all much better than I PowerPoint I can not, but I can see if one can dribble I can see if one can run, and I can see… whether one can decapitate. (U21 assistant coach Hermann Garland modern media in a round of trainer)

… Systems: Before, we played 11-on-11 Today we play 3-4-3, 4-4-2, 4-1-4-1, 5-4-1, and. I forgot another three or four other systems.

Hermann Garland about…

… his departure from Bavaria : I stopped voluntarily Then I said to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Jan Dressed., If I want time with my grandchildren to the stadium, I just want to not hear that the tickets are sold out then they said., Hermann, you can not buy tickets if you want the stadium with your grandchildren to us, you get cards from us.. This is Bayern Munich. A top club. It was a great time.

… his motivation: I no longer need to work I have so much to thank the football that I do not just throw away my knowledge so, but want to share it with young people, it makes me just have fun…

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Best of Hermann Gerland! #DankeTiger

… a death threat from Bielefeld many years ago…. In Bielefeld I have received death threats That s not so bad I was just about to go to bed at once came a strange call The wants me a tilt, he said, I said. I ll come down in an hour, Adenauer Stress 95, I wait If you have a gun, see to it that the first shot hits If not, then it s difficult for you.. If you come without a weapon, then kill a few people with that can lead you home. But it is not come.

… the Ruhr: I would be delighted if playing next year Bochum and Schalke in the first division in the area we stick together, which is very special derbies were always excellent Games…

… Leisure activities:… The children of today have many more distractions than we had earlier all these funny games, PlayStation and so on, which did not exist earlier We had a ball and if the one who of the ball had been on vacation or sick, then we were screwed. During the holidays we have played eight hours every day.

Articles and videos about the topic Classic Müller! The perfect Löw parody during its adoption Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly…. over the0: 4-bankruptcy of the U21 against Poland: Everyone who has played football knows that a lot can happen and go wrong. Young players are subject to enormously strong performance fluctuations. The opponent has in all Areas have brought his best condition.

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