The new PlayStation Plus report has worried PS5 subscribers

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A new report on PS5 has good news for the owners of the last Sony console, but bad news for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the console. Several months ago, we inform you that PS5, such as PS4, had a Bomb / CMOS problem that meant that if the battery runs out on a PS5, users would lose capacity not only to play their digital games, but also their physical games, in the hypothetical future in which PSN servers are fallen, either temporarily or permanently. Of course, the last thing is unlikely, but first, a temporary interruption, it has been a problem in the past. That said, fortunately Sony quickly solved this problem, mostly. The problem is still very relevant for PS plus subscribers on the console.

As it is transmitted DOES IT PLAY on Twitter, the physical games of PS5 and PS4 that had trouble settling on a console with the discharged battery no longer have any problem. This also applies to the Digital Games of PS4 and PS5. It does not apply to PlayStation Plus games, or in other words, to the games you have on your console through PlayStation Plus.

Now, if you read the small lyrics of PlayStation Plus, you will know that you do not have any of the games you download through it. Basically you have extended rentals. That is why if your subscription expires, you lose access to these games. Therefore, it makes sense that PlayStation Plus games do not work if the service does not work. That said, it is still not ideal.

Many pay for PlayStation Plus to play online games. However, there are PS4 and PS5 games that pay the fee for free monthly games. And this is fine, of course. He is still getting a lot for his money. However, it is important to keep in mind that your access to these games is limited.

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