After the success of Super Mario Odyssey the next 3D plumber game will further expand the franchise

Mario s success is indisputable, an achievement that has achieved thanks to all kinds of titles : Adventure, platform, sports, racing games and even parties. The 3D Super Mario usually captures public attention, something we have lived again in 2017 with Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch. In this regard, the Japanese company has not only taken advantage of its latest financial report to publicize the average age of its players, but has also expressed the intention of bring the Mario franchise beyond.

Recently, people of all generations have been enjoying Super Mario Odyssey Shiner Miyamoto This has said Miyamoto in a round of questions and answers within the mentioned report, where it details the goal of the company behind Each plumber title: After the launch of Super Mario Galaxy in 2007, the goal was to develop Super Mario games in 3D more accessible, and the result was New Super Mario Bros Wii, a basic title of Super Mario with Side screen that the new players could easily play. That took later to the launch of the simplest Super Mario Run.

But the success of Super Mario Odyssey has changed the perspective of Nintendo, since it was an ideal title for players of all ages : Recently, people of all generations have been enjoying Super Mario Odyssey, so in When the future of Mario in 3D, we want to continue expanding it in new ways.

And here did not end the intentions of Nintendo around his main pet, since he has an almost finished Super Mario film that has already presented his cast of voice actors, where they stand out as Chris Pratt or Anya Taylor-Joy as protagonists. Returning to the video games, Nintendo has crowned with an adventure of the plumber that has led us to several corners of the world, without forgetting a touch of nostalgia that we wanted to highlight in our analysis of Super Mario Odyssey.

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