NFL Recap Indianapolis Colts vs New York Jets 45 30 Dominante Colts berrollen Jets mit Rekord

The Indianapolis Colts have chosen the Thursday night football game against the New York Jets at 45:30. The hosts dominated the game from the beginning, especially the running game of the Colts was unstoppable. Quarterback Mike White had to hurt the jets injured.

Dominant, dominant, colts. At their first four drives of the game, the hosts always achieved a touchdown – a real novelty! Thus, the colts already led to the break with 28:10. In the middle of the third neighborhood, Indy increased to 42:10, the game was thus decided early.

After a Punt of the JETs at the beginning of the game, Carson Wentz (22/30, 272 YDS, 3 TD) and Co. marched down the field at their first Drive with eight plays over 88 yards. From the 34-yard line Nyheim Hines (6 ATT, 74 YDS, TD, 4 REC, 34 YDS) wore the ball for the first time in the end zone.

Followed: a 76-yard-play-drive, the Jonathan Taylor (19 ATT, 172 YDS, 2 TD, 2 ATT, 28 YDS) by TouchDown Run, a 46-yard drive, at which Wentz has a Shovel -Pass on Jack Doyle (REC, 1 YD, TD) on the way to the end zone attached and a 75-yard drive, where Wentz finally found Michael Pittman (5 REC, 64 YDS, TD) in the end zone.

The jets succeeded only one touchdown: with a 19-yard passport on Elijah Moore (7 REC, 84 YDS, TD), Mike White (7/11, 95 YDS, TD) set the 7: 7 compensation from.

The big problem for New York: In the case of said Drive, the backup quarterback was injured by the hand. White could no longer return to the game, the rest of the encounter adgested Josh Johnson (27/41, 317 YDS, 3 TD, Int) Under Center. Joe Flacco was not in the active squad again.

NFL: Jonathan Taylor with 78-yard TouchDown Run

Robert Saleh had announced in halftime to stop the running game of the Colts – his players could obviously not implement this plan. Indy rolled again after the break again over 83 yards to the red zone. There, the jets with a stop at Fourth down but at least for a drive without touchdown.

While one s own open lake with two three-and-outs missed the chance of a breather, the offense of the colts remained hot, the offensive line of home team completely dominated. After a 40-yard-drive, Wentz initially threw its third touchdown pass, this time on backup center Danny Pinter (REC, 2 YDS, TD), shortly thereafter, Taylor ran with a 78-yard run of the entire defense of it. This touchdown marked the highest leadership of the game at 42:10.

In the further course of the encounter, the offense around Josh Johnson at least could provide for the cosmetics. Moore started his second touchdown of the game, in the fourth neighborhood Ryan Griffin (4 REC, 28 YDS, TD) the residue of the guests on only 23:42, marriage Michael Badgley (1/1 FG, 6/6 XP) a Field Goal turned to 45:23.

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Shortly before playing, a catch of Ty Johnson (4 ATT, 21 YDS, 2 REC, 40 YDS, TD, Fum) after the third TD pass of Josh Johnson the 45: 30 final score. Johnson again led the Jets to the Red Zone again, but Bobby Okereke started a pass made by Taylor Stallworth.

The jets hope that White will be able to play again next week. Also a comeback of Zach Wilson is not excluded. New York also bangs for Safety Marcus Maye, who liked a Achilles tendon injury.

New York welcomes Buffalo Bills next week. The Colts meet at home on Jacksonville Jaguars.

Indianapolis Colts (4-5) – New York Jets (2-6)

Result: 45:30 (7: 7, 14: 3, 14: 8, 3:14) Boxscore

Colts vs. Jets – the most important statistics

No team in the NFL has returned more Turnover in the current season than the colts. Also against the jets it was time again: After a fumble of Ty Johnson Indianapolis scored his 77th point after a Takeaway – most in the league.
The Colts always achieved a touchdown at her first four drives. A real novelty: the last time that Indy could only achieve at his first three Drives Touchdowns, was nearly five years.
Michael Pittman began the touchdown shortly before the halftime to the 28: 10 break guide. It was Pittman s fifth touchdown in the last five games.
Jonathan Taylor also expanded its stunning series: Running back came in the last six games always on at least 100 scrimming yards and at least one touchdown.
With 260 Rushing Yards, the Colts set up a new record in the current season. Already in the third quarter, Indy had overbood the previous top brand.
At its 78-yard Run, Taylor reached a top speed of 35.5 km / h. It was thus the fastest run of a player this season.

The Star of the game: The offensive line of the colts

Over the first weeks of the season, the O-Line of the Colts – also due to injuries – were more behind the expectations. But against the jets, however, the unit dominated according to all the rules of art. In the run-game, the linemen always blocked huge gaps, Wentz received a lot of time in a completely clean pocket several times. The icing on the cake: In the third quarter, Backup Center Danny Pinteren also a touchdown. Of course, however, Jonathan Taylor or Carson Wentz could have been at this point.

New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts highlights 4th-Qtr | NFL Week 9 - November 4, 2021
The flop of the game: the defense of the jets

Sometimes you can simply not highlight a single player or a specific position group. In Indianapolis, the defense of the guests caught practically without exception a bad evening. The defensive line barely pushed pressure on Wentz and was pushed around in the run game, but the linebackers and the Secondary looked hardly better. Wentz had repeatedly open passports, with a litter in Double Coverage, the jets also missed the actually due interception.

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Analysis: Colts vs. Jets – the tactical panel

The JETs were offensively creative and also aggressive in their playcalling. After three passball calls at the beginning of the game, offensive coordinator Mike Lafleur launched a double pass. For a third-and-15, Lafleur later returned to a trick play again – and even reached a new First Down with a Double Pass on Michael Carter.
Mike White also presented himself brave in his second start. Although he had been intercepted at the first Drive near Zaire Franklin, WHITE threw – unlike the previous week – even longer passports. At the first touchdown drive of the jets, he brought three passes over 15 or more yards to players.
The offensive line of the Colts dominated in run blocking over long stretches of the game and Indy fully used this morning. Before the final Hurry Up Drive of the Colts, Frank Rich left 15 run plays and only playing 11 passports.
Near the Goalline, the Colts set multiple times on Unorthodox Running Plays. Twice the colts left a play from the wildcat formation – once with Nyheim Hines, once with Sam Ehlinger -, after the break, Taylor got the direct snap after a Motion of Wentz the direct snap. However, the plays had manageable success.
Although the colts were already in the third quarter practically unobcriber the front, Carson Wentz also played in the last game section. Given the trades with the Eagles Snaps of Wentz Save, so (yet) does not seem to be too important for the team.

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