FIFA 22 Title Update 3 makes free kick

With two big patches, EA Sports had reacted to childhood illnesses of the new offshoot in recent weeks. Gameplay, Fut, Career Mode – nothing was immune to the developer s update hammer. In the meantime, Vancouver seems to be quite satisfied with its own product, and however, Title-Update 3 can hardly be interpreted. The scope has been significantly reduced, the patch notes are mainly troubleshooting.

The most important fix is ​​likely to treat the free kick bug: numerous videos made the rounds in which to see how the ball was easily touched in the execution of the standard. Instead of helping the game device moving around the few meters, defenders did not react like attackers – even the camera s coat did not change. After a few seconds, a player mercy, usually a striker who could make out of optimal position.

Referee and goalkeeper in focus

For this mistake, EA Sports had to endure some mockery in the social networks, in the future freezing should be reimbursed again. The other gameplay fixes arise referees and goalkeepers at the center: the former thought unfair contact of the keepers with opposing players often not correctly, the final men jumped at the parole occasionally too far forward.

Also annoying were even advantageous situations, which resulted in free-seetings – and thus partly also in said bug. In addition, a statistical error was eliminated, the own goal as a shot to the gate for the unfortunate team. Finally, the intelligence of the Ki defense was increased, which sometimes persecuted the opponent after a Player-Lock nonsensically deep into the other half.

Two new party games for Volta

While FUT in Title-Update 3 is completely out of the outside, the career mode receives at least a few bugfixes after all, two adjustments: Between the training exercises, thanks to a new shortcut can be changed soon faster, in the player career, professionals with an overall rating of at least 86 are after a Contribution change directly in the starting element.

Under the modes, EA Sports has screwed predominantly to Volta, which will receive two new party games among other things. However, these are only integrated with a server update for which no appointment has not yet been communicated. The third patch is rounded off in FIFA 22 through the usual auditory and optical adjustments: a new StarHead holds feedback, 31 more have been revised, and there are updates for comments, banners, stadiums, flags & Co.

Title-Update 3 is already published for PC users. The rest of the players at the PlayStation 4 and 5, the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia, as usual, have to practice patience as usual, before the download is available for you.

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