Eachow Niantic stomps Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Especially only Pokémon Go developer Niantic has set its fans with the announcement of the new game Pikmin Bloom in Euphoria – now the company brings Zocker with a bad news to the ground of the facts: the 2019 published Harry Potter – Wizards Unite Stroke the sails! The augmented reality sause around the magical world of the billy magic trigger is on 31 January 2022 in the premature retirement. Already on December 6, 2021, the title disappears from all App stores. From this point, players and players can not do any purchases more within the game.

Niantic does not name a reason for the early resignation. However, Harry Potter – Wizards Unite could not ignite the same enthusiasm from the beginning, which had packed millions of players worldwide with the spiritual predecessor Pokémon Go. The assumption is suggested that the community of active Zocker has shrunk sharply over the months and the title is no longer rewarded for Niantic. Anyone who enjoys themselves with the game and possibly even pumped money into the free-to-play title is now a bitter farewell. Not only the game, also the community pages will go from the net in the coming spring.

In the last few weeks, it should crack again

Refunds of purchased game currency does not exist according to Niantic. Anyone who still bunks a stock of virtual gold is well advised to bring generously in the people in the coming months and to make the last weeks in the world of wizards and witches as pleasant as possible. What you have not output until the server is switched off is gone. So that gamers do not stay on their treasures, niantic announces various actions for the final spurt, in whose framework they can pay their credit.

HARRY POTTER GO est DISPONIBLE ! - Harry Potter : Wizards Unite

On November 2, 2021, numerous changes in the game have come into force, which should bring momentum into the hut. For example, you will receive higher rewards for daily orders, the bead time for potions halved and there is no upper limit more for sending and preserving daily gifts. They may have the potential to collect more experience points and more frequently to encounter certain items. Details read on the official website of the game. There you will also find an overview of various ingame events that take place in November, December and January.

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