Boneworks realizes a huge turnover of 3 million during its first week

Earlier this month, Stress Level Zero has come out Boneworks, their last title in virtual reality, and it turns out that it has been a huge success. According to the developer, the title has already exploded 100,000 players the first week, winner $ 3 million of sales!

Although it is only an independent title without too much formal marketing, Bonesworks had a very good start. Compared to the $ 2 million won by Beat Saber The first month, he already considers a larger launch in just a week and what is even more impressive is that at the launch, it was only available on Steam. Here s what developers have to say about it, Thank you all for starting the launch of Boneworks the biggest of the young history of the VR! More than 100,000 people played the first week! All the Team SLZ was submerged by the reaction, we are so happy that you all share our enthusiasm for this exciting project.

BONEWORKS Ending & Final Boss (#Boneworks)
If you have not seen or heard a lot about BoneWorks, here is an excerpt from the game page on Steam. Boneworks is a narrative adventure in ACTION VR using advanced experimental physics mechanics. Dynamically browse through environments, engage in intense struggles in physics and address cookies with creativity with creativity. You can consult some of its greatest features below.

Advanced Physics: Designed entirely for coherent universal rules, the mechanics of advanced physics encourages players to interact with confidence and creativity with the virtual world as you wish.
Combat: Address the fight in different ways you can think about following the physical rules of the game world. Melee weapons, firearms, physical pitfalls, environments can all be used to help you fights with enemy entities.
Weapons, many weapons: Bonesworks provides players with a plethora of physics based weapons; Rifles, swords, axes, gourdines, spears, hammers, experimental energy weapons, absurd mysterious tools and abnormal physics weapons.
Interaction: Realistic VR object and interaction with the environment.
History: Play through the mysterious narration of the game and explore the deep internal operation of the monobon industries artificial intelligence operating system; Myth OS.
Character Body: Comprete and accurate IK body systems constructed from zero provide a realistic body presence and allow a maximum immersion level with physical interaction in the game space.

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