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Since the Christmas season is fast closer, many consumers are looking for the recently published Nintendo Switch OLED. While this new Switch model is certainly pleased, the search for such a challenge can be a challenge, similar to the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, which are often sold out, as soon as dealers sell a few dozen new consoles sales. These hard-barred consoles were so rare and hard to find that it is almost impossible to find these objects at the original price. Fortunately, we have created a guide, which should be noted when picking up the switch OLED and on which websites you should search for fillings.

What is the Nintendo Switch-OLED?

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is a Side Grade compared to the original Nintendo Switch, which was published in 2017. While some of the specifications have been improved, the actual performance is the same when playing Nintendo Switch Games. Many of the improvements that brings the newer model come in the form of aesthetics. As the name implies, the new model now has a very attractive OLED panel, similar to newer smartphones and flat screen TVs. With these OLED panels, graphics are sharper and colors contrast compared to the original Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. The screen size of the switch OLED has reduced diaphragms, which increases the overall screen size to 7 inches (of 6.2 inches in the original model). The Switch OLED also has a much stronger speaker set that allows clearly clear sound when playing in handheld or tabletop mode. Finally, the switch OLED has a better table stand that can be adapted to different viewing angles, and compared to the table stand of the original Nintendo Switch, it is much more stable and less susceptible to snap.

If you order this newer switch model?

The answer to this question is quite simple: Do you prefer to play your switch with your TV or prefer to use the handheld or tabletop mode? If you prefer to use your switch with your TV, you should pass the Switch OLED, as the original switch model is done well and to find much easier to find and buy. With the new screen, improved onboard speakers and improved table stand, the new OLED model is aligned more on players on the way. The only noticeable improvement that consumers could consider is the recording of a wired LAN port, which is now in the display dock that comes with the new OLED model. Although the previous Nintendo Switch Dock contained an additional USB port in the dock that could be easily used by a USB LAN adapter, the additional comfort of a LAN port integrated into it can be appealing.


Where can you find a Nintendo Switch OLED?

Now that you have decided to buy the new switch OLED, it s time to search. As mentioned earlier: it will be very difficult to find a new switch-OLED to the original EIA of $ 349.99. Most consumers need to add some extra money in front of the search because the current average price for a Nintendo Switch OLED is about $ 529.99 or more. Although there are many retailers to check, but it can be difficult to keep an eye on those who are stocked or sold out. But here is a list of some recommended retailers, which you can search regularly for fillings:

Nintendo.com website is available for consumers to buy directly at Nintendo. Both OLED models are listed with the White Joy-Con and the Neon Blue & Red Joy-Con Set. Both offers are currently not in stock, but on both sides it is possible to add the product to a wish list for future sales notifications.
Amazon.com has collections for both OLED models with the White Joy Con-Set and the Neon Blue and Red Joy Con-Set. Shares directly from Amazon.com are currently listed as sold out, but are available through third-party suppliers on the Amazon marketplace.
BestBuy.com offers OLED models with both Joy Con-Sets. The inventory is currently listed as a sold out without the opportunity to sign up for an increase alert.
Walmart.com offers OLED models with both Joy Con-Sets. Shares can currently only be purchased through third-party providers on the Walmart marketplace.
Gamestop.com has offers for OLED with both Joy Con-Sets as well as the possibility to buy a new or used model. Both purchase options are currently being sold out.
NeWegg.com offers OLED models with both Joy Con-Sets. Stock inventories can currently be purchased only through third-party providers.

For those who are willing to pay something more for their switch OLED, some dealers offer bundle packages that usually contain a game and / or an accessory.

Gamestop.com offers the OLED model in bundle with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a protective carrying bag and a screen protector. It is currently listed as sold out.
Gamestop.com also offers the OLED model in bundle with metroid dread, a protective carrying case and a screen protector. It is currently listed as unavailable.

General information:

Select a dealer and stay it: It may be tempting to check as many dealers as possible, but your chances of acquiring a brand new system are significantly lower if your attention is scattered too far.
Log in to your dealer of your choice. As soon as a replenishment is available, these items will be sold out within seconds. It is important to log in and your purchase details, such as: B. Your credit / debit card information, to save and maintain so that you can go through the purchase process as soon as possible.
Use Restock Tracker: Different users on Twitter like @mattswider and @ Wario64 can give users a hint when replenishes take place.
Stay alert: Despite all these tips, it will still be very difficult to get a new switch OLED, but do not give up if you do not get any. During the entire Christmas season there will be fillings, so there will always be a chance.

These are all advice we have in the search for a new Nintendo Switch OLED, and hopefully this advice will help you secure yourself for the Christmas season.

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