Pok mon Go Swap evolutions

The 2021 event for Halloween in Pokémon Go has aroused in many players the memory of a feature, which has recently been more forgotten: the exchange evolution. Eh, was there something? Yes! In January 2020, Niantic developers introduced the exchange development for some Pokémon into the game and came above all with a nice feature, which provided for trainers in the real world: one of the affected Pokémon was exchanged before evolution, then the development did not cost any sweets anymore!

But over time, the feature was more forgotten, because apart from a few candidates such as Mashock, Georok or Alpollo, most of Most Mon are more rare for the Metagame of Pokémon Go interesting. With Irrbis and Paragoni, two new candidates have now come to the swap evolution pool, where swabs are saved.

Swap evolution – which Pokémon?

Below we have for you a little overview of the pocket monsters that you can swap with friends to then save many sweets for development afterwards. Thinking: To trade Pokémon, you have to reach at least level 10 with your Avatar and apart from events, during which the exchange range is increased, you have to meet you in the real world.

In addition, you have to pay the star dust for the exchange. And another disadvantage: You can not be sure about which IV values ​​you exchange your Pokémon. So, with your buddies, the PROC is a lucky exchange – The IV of swapped happiness Pokémon can not be below a certain height. In addition, it will increase in comparison with non-lucky Pokémon cheaper, happiness Pokémon. The following Pokémon have a swap development:

Alpollo (becomes Gengar) without exchange 100 sweets
georok (becomes geowaz) needs without exchange 100 sweets
Irrbis (becomes Pumpdjinn) without exchange 200 sweets
Kadabra (becomes Simsala) without exchange 100 sweets
Laukaks (becomes Cavalanzas) does not need 200 sweets without exchange
Mashock (becomes Machomei) without exchange 100 sweets
Paragoni (becomes trombork) does not need 200 sweets without exchange
Schnindhelm (becomes hydragil) does not need 200 sweets without exchange
Sedimantur (becomes Brockoloss) without exchange 200 sweets
Strepoli (becomes Meistagrif) needs without exchange 200 sweets

Speaking of new Pokémon: From the 5th of November 2021 you will find in Pokémon Go Dedenne \ – grab the lovable electric rodents!

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