Wololo cereals that every Age of Empires fan will want to have breakfast and that are almost impossible to get

Marketing campaigns sometimes surprise us for good thanks to their ingenious and creative proposals and but are told by the fans of Age of Empires.

Taking advantage of the launch of Age of Empires IV and the return of mythical saga, Microsoft has launched Wolol-O s cereals, a edible tribute to all lovers and veterans of this franchise.

The faithful followers of the RTS brand will have captured the great tribute that these cereals suppose.

First for The expression Wololo , words of the priests of the first game that are already all a meme and second as a tribute to the promotions that included Age of Empires CDs in the cereal boxes sold decades ago.

Goodness of kindness to help build strong and healthy strategic minds, this cereal is not only an excellent way to start the day, but also a sure way to convert your enemies!, Comment from Microsoft.

And eye that the package does not come alone and showing the promotions that always usually accompany this food, Microsoft accompanies it with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass of 12 months and a CD with the Age of Empire II soundtrack.

Unfortunately, Wolol-O s Celes will not be marketed around the world. They are only available by participating in a raffle of Xbox ANZ (you have to reside in Australia or New Zealand).

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Although given its exclusivity, we do not rule out that they end up becoming a collector s piece. Would you keep them or you would fill a good bowl in the morning?

In case you stay with desire do not hesitate to take a look at our Age of Empires IV analysis, the return of the best historical strategy with a very familiar flavor and remember that is available in Game Pass.

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