GTA Online 5 Beginner Errors which you should definitely avoid

beginners and advanced make mistakes inGTA 5 online, which you can easily avoid. They cost you a lot of money or take similar disadvantages. We show you what mistakes you should absolutely avoid, when you in GTA Online succeed want.

What are those mistakes? In the world of GTA Online there is much to discover and buy more. The purchase options are varied and some not worth little to. There is also some gameplay tweaks that you should know.

With this overview, we look at beginners in GTA online, but also players who have been around longer and sure just want them to not make mistakes.

TOP 5 WORST Beginner MISTAKES in GTA Online | GTA 5 Beginner Tips

1. Buy the wrong company

What is the problem? If you want to earn money online GTA who needs company. However, there are of them really many, such as:

Night Clubs
Hemp Plantation, cocaine, document forgery, counterfeit money, meth


However, the various companies bring more or less money, so it would be a mistake to start with a hemp plantation, if you want to make lots of money quickly. A hangar or a nightclub is rather bad for starters.

What should you do instead? With earned their money in GTA Online car trade. If you have to a passive income through your cocaine laboratory, these two businesses combine well and you can quickly make millions with it.

How the business is going and what you need for this, we show you in our big money-Guide:

2 . play heists as Noob

What is the problem? The robberies Heists GTA Online are making a good source for a lot of money. Depending Heist you getting as millions in your account if you fulfill the contract properly. The problem is that many new players, the easy money smell and want to join in there.

However Heists put a large portion of skill and know-how ahead in GTA Online. Who has just begun and still in the lower level range, is limited in his choice of weapons and armor. By the weaker equipment it is likely that you die quickly. And by the limited team life can provide the fast with your fellow players for frustration and lost time.

What should you do instead? likes you without Heists (or only with friends in Heists) to higher levels. So their weapons and armor unlocks that you really need later. Look at before Heist with Randoms best guides to Heists, so you know what you should do.

We show you here all Heists in GTA online how much money they make and.

3 . ignore daily goals, while they bring so much money

What is the problem? forget Many players that there are days targets GTA Online altogether. You may be able to call on the interaction menu and they change every day. Especially new players battle initially with lack of money, which would be easily solved with the daily goals.

What should you do instead? do the daily targets at each login. Because that pays off right for you. Per day, there are three day s goal. Closes her one day all three goals down, then you get money for it. Includes up to her seven days in a row three goals down, then there is a bonus. Keep her a whole month through, then there is a much bigger bonus!

Day target rewards in the overview:

Daily: 30,000 GTA dollars + 5000 RP
Weekly: 150000 GTA dollar + 20,000 RP (there is every seven days!)
Monthly: 750000 GTA dollar + 50,000 RP (28 days in a row done every three days Goals)

Considering that for only the days are counted, where you log in. Makes her Monday every three days goals, does not play Tuesday and then makes Wednesday again every three days goals, two days in as one.

4 . spend lots of money on clothes

What is the problem? In addition to cool cars, weapons and businesses GTA Online offers even more ways to spend money. Clothes shops entice with shoes, hats, shirts, pants or complete outfits. However you like to pay for it 100,000 times GTA dollars, if you einkleidet you. To earn the money for expensive outfits again, then you have a few hours contact missions grind.

Many new players running quite early to one of the clothing stores and enter the first money that have earned them for clothes. But then hardly remains money for major purchases.

What should you do instead? What clothes you wear, is a side issue in GTA Online. In Heists and other missions, there is often the opportunity to dress you for free with predetermined outfits. Uses, about clothing, at least temporarily free to customize and puts the money in rather important content.

Tip: The same counts for expensive cars. Initially, it is not important to own the expensive super sports car for 3.5 million GTA dollars. Invested first in your company, so that you generate more time over time.

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5 . Ignore the weekly bonuses

What is the problem? Many players ignore or do not know that there are certain bonuses in GTA online every week. Some of you really enjoys a lot of money. For in some bonus weeks, sales of your cocaine laboratory bring three times so much money. If you decide exactly the week to leave this business, you give away many millions of GTA dollars.

What should you do instead? Every Thursday you should inform yourself on the official website of Rockstar Games or when logging in into the game, which bonuses and offers there are. The bonuses are available on money and RP. Offers are available in real estate and also vehicles.

Uses these offers and bonuses to make your character even stronger or finally buy the armored car that you ve always wanted to have your missions. If your car is not on offer, then Wednesday evening is always the worst time to buy it. Because from Thursday it could be on offer for a week.

Bonus tip: Be sure to turn the day of the luck in the casino. That gives you if you are lucky, expensive super sports cars worth several million GTA dollars. Players have already dealt with the feature as well. With this method, you allegedly always wins the podium vehicle at GTA online.

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