Destiny 2 Telesto bolts will continue to explode once triggered

Destiny 2 has an incredible number of game files and possible transactions between its different elements, and some of them led to new bugs and problems. Bungie decided not to repair some of the really minor problems, because repairing them would require a lot of time and resources. The fans of Destiny 2 are not entirely sure that this is the case with the latest revolutionary number of Telesto.

Destiny 2 players know that Telesto is probably the most infamous weapon of the game. It has been reactivated in the game after getting a hotfix, but it seems that it breaks again the game. Some players have discovered that his bolts do not disappear from the ground after exploding. Instead, it will continue to explode whenever more enemies will trigger them, but only after the end of their five-second life.

Telesto Patched But 1 Glitch Survived
Dun, basically, if the TELESTO bolt comes into contact and pulls on the enemy, it will not disappear after the explosion and explode several times until the bolt explodes naturally after five seconds., Revealed a Destiny player 2. Telesto has transcended the space-time and now has its own spirit.

Fans of Destiny 2 think the problem is apparently linked to the new changes that Bungie has brought to Telesto. After the supposed hotfix, the projectiles are now immunized against grenades, explosions and projectiles.

The deputy director of the game Destiny 2, Joe Blackburn, said one day in an interview that games, raids and campaigns were a success because they are mysteries that fans must understand. This seems to be related to the reason why Bungie has delivered some problems, since the new content for Destiny 2 is not always tested publicly by the players themselves on the dedicated servers of the game. That said, we do not know Not currently how this could affect the many problems related to Telesto.

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