Yoshida Play Horizon Zero Dawn in Steam Deck

We are practically a month after the exit of Steam Deck, although a specific date is not yet established. But it seems that Valve wanted to generate emotion by its device through the head of the Department of Indies of PlayStation, Shuhei Yoshida, who shared this morning a photo at Twitter It caused sensation, since in it we can see in his hands the hybrid console of Steam running Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Thanks to @valvesofware, trying Horizonzerodawn in a Steam Deck

Thanks to @valvesoftware, check out horizonzerodawn on steam deck ???? pic.twitter.com/ro9ev0nlkr.

  • Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp) October 29, 2021

It is important to highlight that Yoshida has not been the only important directive in testing the Steam console. Previously Phil Spencer could spend time with her and comment on the impressions of him of him. But Shuhei highlighted for not commenting on your experience or performance of the console (so far), however, the image in itself has a lot of information to digest.

Even Sony Shuhei Yoshida is enjoying Horizon Zero Dawn on a portable console not PlayStation smh
It s super surreal!, Right? It is a device very similar to switch of Nintendo, running a very demanding game and that -Asmás- was a long time one of the most important exclusives of PlayStation, in the hands of who was Once the CEO of the Japanese company. It is definitely not something that looks every day.

If the issue aroused you curiosity again by Steam Deck, we share a series of notes to learn more about it, for example, how it looks inside. Would you buy one? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Editor s note : Steam Deck will share slices of a cake that was just a long time from Nintendo and, since then, has been in constant comparison with the Switch, who differs for its exclusive debates but Who would I think that Valve would have exclusive PlayStation on his side?

Via: Twitter.

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