Enrico maeas with Borussia Dortmund II in Fieser Phase

The missing ball property was not that Dortmund II lost the game at Viktoria Berlin 1: 2. The problem was more likely that BVB did not bring the controlled possession in the last third, as Chef coach Maaßen brought to the point after the game with magenta sport. We made a mistake again in the first half, which is also undergoing us in the last three games, the coach annoyed over the goal at the beginning of the break. If you go back to music every time, then it s hard to win the games.

Nevertheless, we show a good answer, Maaßen continued, make a nice gate to 1: 1, we have done to play in the second half of soccer. That succeeded only. Dortmund had a similar possession of possession, but only achieved half-chances and gave himself more. Finally, the winning hit by Viktorias Lucas Falcao fell in the 86th minute. That the opponent has offensive quality, which is seen, said Maaßen. Nevertheless, the switching situations, which we have just defended well in the first half, because we played a good counterpressing.

We need to learn that we have to play straightforward and also have to play well.

Enrico Maaßen

Meet our new U23 coach: Enrico Maaßen

The third defeat in a row means for the climber the crash place two on nine. Should the direct competitors in the morning also follow up, the BVB could fall back to the bottom table half for the first time this season. Basically, we just realize: It s a nasty phase we have. We have to survive now. We have to learn from that we have to play straightforward and also need to play well.

This can implement his team next Saturday when it comes to the currently two points behind Dortmund shunting SV Meppen at 2 pm.

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