Bamberg and Vilzing with the highest spectator

The preliminary round of the BayernLiga went to her seventh round, as the liga suddenly changed in the Beletage of the league. Not in the walk, but with a few problems, the highly traded DJK Vilzing had lost its status as a classprimus. A series of three defeats in the piece, including a hitherto tongue light, tied the eleven of coach Josef Eibl the spreadsheet and finally at the end of the autumn championship. Granted, this title is actually one without real value, one of the only in the final billing only appears in the reminder. Because who at the end is climbing the place in the sun, becomes – and there all responsible coaches of the teams in question absolutely agreed – not decided before April. Whether the trainer of the current table guide Spvgg Ansbach, Christoph Hassermeier, or Julian Kolbeck from FC Eintracht Bamberg. Everything so only a stage goal (Hassermeier) or a snapshot on the other way of good development (Kolbeck).

In fact, the first three teams separate only Magere two dots. This exciting race made itself clearly noticeable in the preliminary round in terms of spectators. Officially it was a total of 49623 spectators who wanted to see the previous 153 encounters. This corresponds to an average spectator of 324 fans per game. A decent figure, especially if one had to involve the Corona-related specifications by the state government and the association with the considerations.

The most visited stadium in the Bayernliga Nord was the Bamberger Fuchspark with converted 656 spectators per game in the preliminary round. Most recently, almost 2000 fans wanted to see the Lokalderby against the DJK Don Bosco. And next Saturday the opponent comes from the sand only a few kilometers away in the neighboring County Haßberge. This is also: the best attack of the league (45 results) against one of the least most successful departments attack (14 goals). High in the ranking of the fans is also the DJK Vilzing. This attracted 563 interested parties to the domestic hutshart. On Saturday comes there with the TSV Großbardorf the Dino der Leag. The current autumn champion SPVGG Ansbach (with currently 561 spectators per game only wafer-thin beyond) gets no increase in the statistical fan on the weekend. Patrick Kroiß and Co. must be started to the back round start to DJK VIENBACH.

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Not quite as high in the favor of the paying clientele, but in promising lacing behind the top three, the ATSV is Erlangen. He also already opens this 18th round at home at the Paul Gossen Straße against ASV Cham, not to break the contact to the top even after points. Finally, after seven wins, the great series was finished against the relegation threatened Würzburger at 0: 1. The surprise winner of the last week was able to work a bit back to the non-suspension places. In the domestic Zellerau, the protégés of coach Harald Funke receive no less than the DJK Ammerthal and Michael Hutzler. And after a small negative series, after a small negative series, against the TSV departure wind not only moral, but in the end, the curve returned and a close game turned to her favor. Perfect views for an interesting comparison. So far, an average of 338 spectators wanted to pursue the home games of the Würzburg. A coming should be worthwhile this weekend.

The same applies to the climber ASV Neumarkt in the home game against FC Bayern Hof. However, the viewer voluntarily returned despite the strong preliminary round. Against the FC sand, just 100 spectators found the way to the ASV sports center. A number that pressed the cut on the Deininger way under 400 (now 392) viewers per home game. But with the SPVGG Bavaria Hof comes a real traditional club into the Upper Palatinate. And thus also one or the other Groundhopper, which the Upper Franconia regularly accompany in their outward trips.

The TSV Karlburg is still waiting for the first home win of the season. In terms of spectators, this is not negatively noticeable. With 332 spectators, the smallest village of the Bayernliga is even above the mean of the league. In the auditor table, this would be already in place. In the real class, the team of Markus Köhler has placed 13th place and thus ranks a place, but also with four points ahead of the relegation strains. And against the table top last SV Seligenorden, it should now finally work with the first home win. But the monasteries have not been the point supplier for weeks, but a now really serious opponent. As a result, the newcomer SV Vatan Spor Aschaffenburg has long been developed. In the home game against TSV Abtswind, the protégés of Slobodan Komljenovic want to win again after three draws in a row. But then you have to finally create it to bring a lead over time. The spectators see the end of the final point on Sunday in Bamberg-Wildenorg. There, the home-strong DJK Don Bosco receives the climber from SC moist.

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