Ducksch about effectiveness of its ex

When Marvin Ducksch on Wednesday in a media round spoke that FC St. Pauli just as often shoots as we, was not quite right. The SV Werder Bremen has 23 experiments even more than the current league leader of the 2nd league. However, what the Werder attacker was right is: They do the gates. Everything is running. Five times in a row, the hamburger last recently recovered, 18 (!) Results.

I have now arrived.

Marvin Ducksch

For comparison: Werder lost three times, took a victory and played last in Sandhausen, with a total of five goals achieved. You can see how it can run in football, Ducksch said, referring to the relatively ineffective opportunity utilization of his own team: With us, the ball meets the post. We have to develop this quixture.

The four hits in seven games so far goes-threatening Bremen pro studied before the game on Saturday (13.30 clock) now, among other things, in the duty: If you want to win games, you have to shoot goals. We have to arrive that I m responsible, but also the front chain, so the 27-year-old: We know that, we work, we want to do better.

Werder runs after your own standards

The 10th place in the table where the Bremen is currently maneuvering, in any case, not that, where we would like to stand. For his ex-club, it is significantly better, even because of the total eleven goals, which the FC St. Pauli (27) has achieved more compared to the SV Werder (16) so far. For the hamburgers Ducksch came in the season 2016/17 to his first ten operations in the 2nd league, once met.

At that time he had been relatively young, the first year in the 2nd league was new territory for him, the native of Dortmund explained: I had to get to know the right professional football first. But that was perhaps for my personal development exactly that Right one. At his other second division stations in Kiel and Hannover, he later matured to the scorer (50 goals in 99 games). Ducksch: I have now arrived.

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