Path of Exile s Scourge Strikes over 254 570 Simultaneous Gamers Console Release Upcoming Wednesday

Path of Exile s Scourge growth has been out on computer for several days now, and will certainly strike consoles this Wednesday. On PC, the release hit high numbers for Path of Exile, hitting 254,570 concurrent players at peak, a number that is 96% of their all-time high. In addition to preliminary comments and prepping for console release, the Path of Exile group likewise has some new events coming.

With Scourge s launch, there were a few of the common bumps in the process, and the Grinding Gear team needed to disable item linking until a spot was launched simply today. Item linking was developing an issue with the server, creating crashes, so originally chat was handicapped momentarily, then brought back, however product linking was shut off up until today. The team is keeping any eye on the remainder of the performance information from the PC launch as well as is currently noting that there are some balance modifications as well as other solutions underway.

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One concern that players point out was that the transformation bar on Scourged things had not been noticeable sufficient as well as needed a mouse over to inspect, so this will certainly transform. The Blood Crucible might also require some adjustments to make its condition much more visible, so expect some kind of adjustment to be more clear when it s complete. Wouldn t desire to miss taking advantage of all that Scourged blood when you have actually obtained slaying to do.

Console launch is set for Wednesday, October 27th at 7pm Eastern, with a downtime beginning around 3pm Eastern.

On Thursday, the Path of Exile Twitch network hosts a Twitch Rivals Path of Exile Royale competition. Participants will complete alone this time around however if they make it through into the late suit, there will be a manager fight to take on. There s a $30,000 pot on the line too, and also Jerk Decrease switched on for audiences.

For more, see the event blog post on the Path of Exile site.

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