FC Bayern Munich Lucas Hernandez stands the water to the neck

Defender Mathias Bradler holds a prison sentence for Lucas Hernandez after his infringement in 2019 against a contact lock of his today s wife Amelia in Spain.

On Thursday, the water is up to him, Bradler said in conversation with the bild -zeitung with a view to the upcoming decision in the event in front of the Spanish court. The decision was imposed in a sequence of a scare deal on open road between Hernandez and his former girlfriend. After the two had reconciled, the Frenchman violated the still valid ban.

If a court does not decide through Thursday about the appeal occupied by the French, Hernandez must compete in Spain a six-month prison sentence. This even considers Bradler in the case of the French national player: If I dare a forecast: Lucas Hernandez is in custody on Thursday, he said, justifying this with the peculiarity of Spanish Justice.

Hernandez had appealed against the decision of the court to judge him due to the infringement of the contact failure for a prison sentence and then something is very crucial: this appeal has no suspensive effect, explained Bradler: If in Germany, about someone from the district court is sentenced to an imprisonment of six months without probation, the sentenced can appeal within a week.

As soon as the condemned this do, unfold the appeal a blocking effect. If the appeal is in court, nothing happens. Until the appeal is decided, he is considered innocent. In Spain, however, this is different, which brought on Monday Bavaria Honorary President Uli Hoeneß in Rage ( That s all ridiculous, completely Gaga. ).

Bayern-Star Hernandez: Lawyers must make miracles

If that was also in Spain, it would be for Mr. Hernandez Stahmzucker, the criminal defense in Heinsberg and Mönchengladbach continued: The appeal he has filed is being processed. But the processing time goes to his loads. This deadline which was set to him until the penalty, continues and ends on Thursday. Then he has to face.

Now Hernandez s lawyers would have to be a little miracle and the court get to push the enforcement of the judgment on the long bank, says Bradler. However, he also consider this unlikely because Hernandez is repeat offenders. He was previously convicted of the Spanish Justice because of another case of domestic violence.

The court can already ask why he should get probation. In Spain, the courts are very high the topic of domestic violence. Because the Spanish legal system tries to protect the family area, explained Bradler, who also has the possibility that Hernandez explained His prison sentence in Germany can, for unlikely: The German Justice has nothing to do with this man. He is convicted as a French citizen in Spain. He will have to compete in Spain.

In a prison together with heavy criminals, but the 25-year-old would probably not have to be, but the punishment in the open execution. Inmaches in the open execution are basically proceeding to their job. I can well imagine that he can keep fit with a club. And the appeal continues, even if he is in custody. If then it is decided that the first instance is decided was wrong, the prisoner door goes up immediately and there is a compensation for him.

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