The second season of animaniacs render tribute to the classic thundercats

Since 2018 it was announced that animaniacs would return with a new series in Hulu , and although initially many criticized this decision, it seems that once the caricature arrived on television the audiences were delighted with it. Well, it s going to release the second season and here we have your first video advancement.

As you could see, this second season will pay tribute to the classics thundercats , although for obvious reasons, this trio of brothers will not bear this name. Instead, Wakko, Yakko and Dot will be transformed into The 80 s Cats to fight the Jyranny of the Head of Security.

The second season of animaniacs will premiere the next November 5 at Hulu.

Editor s note: animaniacs was a series that enjoys a lot during my childhood, so I was excited about the news of his return. I have not had a chance to see the first season yet, but I hope I can do it before its second is released.

Via: Hulu

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