Ruin ruins Destiny 2 who uses the Min Max Glitch Banned

A new destiny 2 glitch ruined just the game by causing the error code Rutabaga . The Destiny 2 Community held aware covered. But that was over the weekend, as the rutabaga ruined the game too often.

What happened? At the weekend Bungie acted to prevent that players in Destiny 2 USING extreme glitch that leads to the error code Rutabaga .

The problem with the Min / Max glitch was the developer known for four months and it has worked longer on a solution. But urgent action did not see Bungie before. Until this weekend.

The hiding game ends – now flies the Ban Hammer

Bungie was sure and suspected, the error would not have made the rounds among the players. In this case, certain circles knew of Destiny 2 community already notice how this glitch worked. However, they held tight to make Bungie unnecessarily attention.

At the weekend, so however, was the end, when the YouTuber JB3 broke his silence. He was also the one which the glitch had even reported until at Bungie. But when nothing happened, he decided to publish.

His video shows what the glitch is and why he has this name.

The glitch works with various Supers and Chars.
When properly activated, produce players thus 7 instead of 3 spheres of power
The players so therefore have infinitely great.
In addition, the glitch could also extend each timer in the game as a kind of built-in Netlimiter .
This glitch can be applied only on the PC.

As the Min / Max glitch worked? In the video are now JB3 the exact instructions for the execution of the glitch. First, it is necessary to completely fill the super bar to make it work at all.

To run after the glitch, we now had to do was activate the window mode and then via Alt-Tab just open the menu. Thereafter, for 5 seconds with the mouse on the window minimize / maximize click and then obtained when activating his super, the desired effect.

Why is that a problem? Who took advantage of the glitch had in any activity a great advantage. The Ulti was able to be recharged much faster.


What is perhaps even more okay in PvE, however, can lead to major problems in PvP. It could give teams a huge advantage. Since the glitch this weekend became public, the Trials, the Destiny were two endgame PvP, which directly affected but also Gambit.

After the video release of JB3 many players have tried the Min / Max Glitch apply directly themselves. Bungie has subsequently reacted promptly to the utilization of the glitches to stop. Players who use the glitch from now, the issue received an error code called Rutabaga too German rutabaga .

In Destiny 2 Incidentally, there were already a lot of crazy glitches and bugs that have the game in one way or another ruined. We have the 10 best listed once you see the following:

why should her under any circumstances try: The pure output of the error code was apparently not all that had integrated Bungie to fix. After the announcement of the developer, the reports piled up in the forums and in the Destiny subreddit that players after the receipt of Rutabaga error codes either blocked or have been completely excluded from the game.

Therefore you should on it necessarily forego the glitch still apply if you two do not want to lose access to Destiny.

When will definitively resolve the error? It is not yet known how Bungie wants to get the glitch finally under control. However, affected players can enroll in a forum thread if you are affected or would like to share more information.

Did you know already of the glitch or do you only now it? What was the Destiny 2 ever had for you the best bug? How do you feel to when the consecrated circles of Destiny 2 community aware of such glitches hold back in order to make Bungie not attentive to it?

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