The Nintendo Switch 2 report filters the first details of the next Nintendo console

According to a new report, Nintendo is working on a successor by Nintendo Switch that will be launched at some point between the vacation of 2022 and early 2023. Throughout this year, and throughout last year, Nintendo fanatics listened to A wide range of sources, including many that are normally reliable: that Nintendo was working on a Nintendo Switch Pro and would reveal this year. This did not happen. Rather, Nintendo revealed the Nintendo Switch Oled, which is an update of the Nintendo Switch base model, but hardly a Nintendo Switch Pro . That said, if you have to believe in a new report, this may be because Nintendo has ruled out the plans for a review of the console in favor of launching a completely new Nintendo Switch successor.

The new report comes from Nate Hate on YouTube, an infiltrator of Nintendo that has proven to be reliable in the past, but a source that has also been out of place in the past. As noted, the report mentions that it takes approximately one year for a launch, more or less a few months. If this is true, there should be an announcement something soon.

In addition to filtering the console and its launch window, the report also mentions that it is not currently compatible with previous versions of the OLED Games of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch, but apparently Nintendo is working to remedy this.

In addition to this, it is stated that the console will admit 4K through Nvidia DLSS, which in turn suggests that it will not be far from the specifications of PS5 and Xbox Series X, although how it would be a portable machine and maintaining a price Friendly is not clear.

In terms of outstanding information, the report does not disclose much more apart from affirming that development kits for the console began to be sent to studies and developers last year, which can explain why we have heard so much about a Nintendo Switch Pro «From 2020.

Say all this, take everything here with a grain of salt. Not only all here is 100% not official, but is also subject to change. In other words, all this could be accurate at this time, but that does not mean that it will remain like that. Things constantly change in the development of games, and the same happens with the development of consoles.

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