SEGA recognizes his failures on the console in a recent financial report

Sega did not perform well on the consoles. At a recent meeting of the company, SEGA was more than aware of the poor performance of Nintendo Switch. Games like Sakura Wars and Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics did not really meet expectations. This forced the developer to take some kind of action to change things in the future.

Sega is in no case a faulty business. They are doing very well on PC. But on console, they simply can not seize. They have been in charge of the Total War series for more than a decade and have been able to do great things with this franchise. Total War may not shoot numbers like Call of Duty, it s still one of the largest strategy franchises ever realized and its popularity has increased considerably since the exit of Total War: Three Kingdoms.


These new discoveries are not the end of the world. Despite being disappointed by their sales, SEGA saw a sharp increase in revenue from its console games. Not to mention that millions of pre-existing games have also been purchased this year. Sega s backlog sales have more than exceeded expectations. I hope it s something they can build in the future.

Whatever they choose to make to fight this problem, it should be interesting. There are many companies that focus only on the PC or console. Not both. We could see Sega doing something like that. Sometimes things appear as if they were not supposed to be. Maybe the PC is the only place where Sega will be prominent.

Tell us what you think. Is there a way to crawl out of this hole?


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