Nintendo warns You should not do that with your OLED

If you have already had luck to be able to secure you an OLED switch or project to buy one, Nintendo has a recommendation for you: Leave the protective film on the screen.

Switch OLED: No plastic, but glass

Last week, the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch appeared a newer and improved model of the handy console. This not only offers better defined colors, but also a larger screen – no longer of plastic, but made of glass . That s undoubtedly a good thing, but also causes risks.

Should the switch glide out of your hand or fall down, which can happen quite, it is likely that the screen gets cracks or even breaks. For this reason, Nintendo has provided the screen with a protective layer , which is referred to as anti-scatter adhesive film. This film is intended to prevent the glass from shattering while protecting against scratches.

Whas has the new switch to offer? We show it you:

Maybe you do not notice

It is known: With a new smartphone or other devices is a foil and you just have to remove it. But even if it may be tempting to do with the new switch – especially now, because you know that it is available – If you do not want to do that according to Nintendo (Source: The Verge). But maybe you not noticed them.

The slide on the switch model is not the same as on a smartphone display that stands out and can be easily detached. It is an extra layer, you only discovered if you look very closely .

If you want to make your console even more safer, offer you different companies with other films the opportunity to put an additional layer over the adhesive film to protect your screen from damage. You can also deduct and replace them.

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