Nintendo Switch PS4 and Xbox One Players Surprised with the Stealth Release of the Popular Terror Game

A new stealth launch has provided Nintendo Switch players, PS4 and Xbox One an unexpected horror game, and also very dear. More specifically, since yesterday, users of consoles can buy, download and play murder of Puppet Combo, which debuted on PC in October 2020. And to accompany this stealthy release, Puppet Combo also launched a new progress of the game.

As in the PC, the horror game costs $ 11.99 on the console, which may seem very cheap, but the game lasts only two or three hours. That said, judging by Steam user reviews of the game, it is two or three very good hours. At the time of writing this, 96 percent of the 894 user reviews have qualified the game positively, which gives the game a overwhelmingly positive user review rating.

As for the game itself, it is a set of survival terror in PS1 style with tank controls and a Slasher environment of the VHS Era of 80. As the developer points out, the game will not be for everyone, but for those a Those who like classic horror and survival games are essential. And yes, it takes a lot of fear and it is a great game to play at Halloween night if you have nothing to play during the holidays.

A news team bursts into the old abandoned house of a serial killer executed Anthony Smith, planning to film a lascivious history of a haunted house, he reads an official speech of the game. «But the famous Easter Ripper is really dead or is waiting in, ready to end them one by one? Who will survive and what will be left?

You Won't Believe I Play on Switch...
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