NEW WORLD Extremely good place to quickly levels character and weapons

In the MMORPGNEW WORLD, character and weapons levels play a big role. The higher these, the better you master the challenges. Both in the PVE, as well as in the PVP. But there are different ways to increase them. Meinmmo shows you one of the best spots throughout Aeternum .

Why is the character level so important? With each level UP (from Level 40), you will receive 3 or 4 attribute points that you can distribute anywhere and thus strengthen your character. In addition, you will receive more basic life per level.

Why is the weapon level so important? The higher the level of your weapon, the more skill points you are available. With the maximum level of 20, you can sink 19 points in the skill trees and choose between several good active and passive skills. Here you will find some good PVE builds.

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So your character is growing up quickly on level 60.
In this guide you will learn other places where you can easily rise your weapons.
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50K – 60K exp in an hour at this place

Where you find the place and looks like all levels, you can see in this video of Meinmmo author
Phuc-Thi Nguyen:

Where can I find this spot? The 2 camps can be found in the Unsteaden Coast , east of the Sisyphus Shrine (see screenshot). Both level spots give you up to 1500 experience per minute, both for your character as well as for your weapons.

For which level is this place? With character levels 40 you can already start with a group of 2-3 people who monster. If you are traveling alone, have good equipment and area-acting attacks (for example, Hammer + Streitzax) you can slowly touch you with Level 45.

How to get the maximum out: The spawn time of the monster is very low. It is less than 1 minute. With the right rotation you can twist all the monsters in the camp together and drain them with area damage at the same time. You repeat this process until you have enough.

Two extra rewards, if you lie here

Which extra rewards are there? Here you drop a lot of equipments to boost your own loot. In addition, your Extra area call will receive.

Equipment – You can use, scrap or sell yourself.
Strong healing drinks – either you use the yourself or puts them in the trading posts.
Territorial call
Each monster gives you extra reputation. Here you can take extra experience and advantages.

Do you already know this place? Or do you have other spots that you want to share? We look forward to your comments as always.

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