Nintendo Switch Online The Additional Pack will double the price of the basic subscription

It was expected, this rate. Since September 24th and the announcement of an extension to the Switch Online subscription, which will give access to two small catalogs of Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games on the hybrid machine, number of pairs of careful eyes watched the announcement of a price. The price of a nostalgia fleshly coined throughout the industry, including by Nintendo. And the small craftsman did not derogate from his reputation.

It is therefore during the last animal Crossing Direct, this Friday October, which we learned that the addition of the additional pack (according to the official appellation) to the Nintendo Switch Online would therefore double the price of the annual subscription, the pushing from 19.99 euros to 39.99 euros (34.99 euros and 69.99 euros in family version, for eight accounts). For those who missed the initial announcement, this extended version will allow access to a succinct list, but announced as evolutionary, titles Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive, in addition to the online game, and catalogs NES and super nes already included in the classic subscription.

We also learned that it would allow the players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to enjoy the DLC HAPPY Home Paradise without any cost than the subscription. It will be sold next to that at the rockless price of 24.99 euros. In addition, unlike the classic subscription had a monthly commitment and payment option, the Nintendo Switch Online subscription with the Additional Pack appears to be available only in annual commitment.

The title N64 and Mega Drive will benefit from backups on the fly as on NES and Super Nes and can be played online up to four, just that the original versions allow it (the trailer showed us in particular Mario Tennis and LYLAT Wars ). Nintendo Emulation 64, however, does not seem to be compatible with rewinding the action. Let us remember that for the moment, Nintendo has announced only about fifteen games on each machine.


Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack – Presentation Trailer

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack - Overview Trailer

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