These autumn dangers lurking in road traffic

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In the dark season, it is particularly important to see not only yourself well, but also to be perfectly perceived by others. Means: The lighting system must be well in shot. Every year in October, the action Light Test takes place to make a free all-round check in which many participating car workshops and test bodies make a free all-round check. The proper adjustment of the headlights and smaller repairs are performed immediately.

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Because the career is now taking place in the morning and evening dusk, pendants have to expect wildly, which is on forage search and crosses the streets. Everything worth knowing about game accident we have summarized here.

The dirty legacies of the last harvest vehicles also represent a source of danger, the same applies to foliage on the road – especially when moisture is added, the road can turn into a slide. In addition, it should be thought that the leaf layer may possibly hide patch holes or other stumen sites – reduced pace and predictive vehicles suggest unpleasant surprises.

Because the temperatures can now quickly approach freezing, smoothness should be expected, this is especially true for bridges, sinks and forests. The changeover on winter tires is now – they offer better grip as a summer tire and thus optimized protection at temperatures in the low plus range. What the current winter tipping of the ADAC has shown is to be read here.


The dangers resulting from foliage and dirt also affect cyclists – they can easily get out of balance in curves. And as well as the car, the bike should have a functional lighting system that meets the rules of the Road Traffic Code (STVO). Experts of the ARAG insurance explain what that means: working and clean lights on the front and back, a total of ten reflectors on the front, rear, the pedals and the spokes (alternatively also reflective tires can be used). If the bike is not equally equipped, drivers or driver can be asked to pay with 20 Euro warning money. Tip on the edge: A reflective vest striped over the – as bright as possible – clothing improves visibility by another.

Foliage among the tires: The Golden October also carries risks. Big Heart / Pixabay

Anyone who is not sure of the functionality of the lighting system is best consulted a workshop. It also leads a brake check that is especially advised when the bike has played a lot of route during the last few months.

E-Scooter pilots

E-scooters – that s also possible during cooling and even during the cold season. The providers of loan rollers want to continue to earn money in winter, even thinning the portfolio makes little sense because the business model works only if the customer finds a scooter in many places of the city. The changed conditions often account for all-weather tires, given the risk of slipping, which can cause wet foliage and first maturity, there is still a cautious driving style. The ARAG experts advise you to check before to check before, whether the front and rearlights as well as the brakes work properly. Driver or driver now wear best shoes with non-slip soles, pull gloves and choose bright clothes. Even with scooters, a reflective warning vest increases safety – and the helmet anyway.


Pedestrians are among the endangered road users. The accident statistics show that around 30 percent more misfortunes with passers-by are recorded in autumn and in winter than during the rest of the year. It is all the more important for pedestrians to be careful during the dark season, to be well seen, because color-covered clothing makes it even careful motorists not easy to brake in time. According to ADAC, a dark-dressed pedestrian is not to perceive from a poor visibility from a bad visibility – too late – too late, says the club, because the stoppath of a car is already about 28 meters for emergency braking from 50 km / h. But the passerby carries bright clothes with reflective elements, the visibility increases up to 140 meters. Because even this is not a life insurance, pedestrians should only cross the lane on well-lit, best of a pedestrian light-secured jobs.

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