How to Get Scorching Sands Loot Crate Using Free Fire Redeem Code

Given the cost of acquisition and unique features of each, guns in the free fire are some of the most valuable items. Most gun skins can be obtained by the players present in the in-game shop.

However, because the crate of robbery is not free, the user searches other means to achieve them. Event and Redeem Code are two most popular options.

A new code was released recently, which offers players scoring sands vapor loot crate

Free Fire Redeem Code Through Scorching Sand Weapon Loot Crate Grab

2x Scorching Sand Weapon Redeem Code for Smash Crate: MCPGWWJWKYD 86

The code is active as this writing, but it may end soon. As a result, users are advised to use it as soon as possible.

Note: Redeem code is for Singapore area players.

Instructions for using Redeem Code:

Step 1: After going to the reedempation site of the game, players will have to log in through the platforms associated with their accounts.

The methods presented include Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei ID, Appal ID and Twitter.

Also, those who have a guest account, it will have to add it to a platform to become eligible to use it. Free Fire Radio Code.

Step 2: Enter the code carefully in the text field or paste it directly to avoid errors.

Step 3: After entering the code once, the player can tap on the Confirm option to complete the redemption process.

Step 4: O Pen Free Fire Visit on your devices and to claim the reward, i.e., booty crate.

Here s what the loot crate can provide:

M4A1 – Scorching Sand (Permanent)

M4A1 – Scorching Sand (7D)

M4A1 – Scorching Sand (3D)

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M4A1 – Scorching Sand (24 hours)

After the code being invalid, the user will be unable to achieve this gun crate. Players of other areas will also receive an error if they try to get awards using the above code.

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